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Tula: violations elections to the city parliament

Press Release

March 14, 2010

Counting of votes at parliamentary elections in Tula goes on. According to the preliminary data YABLOKO obtains 13 per cent of the votes which means three or four mandates in the city parliament. At the same time observers have fixed multiple violations.

Thus, abnormally high voting outside the polling station was observed at electoral district No 421. About 400 people referring to this district voted at home. YABLOKO’s observer Olga Ushakova lodged a complaint so that the results of the voting at this electoral district should be recognised void. The electoral commission insisted on counting these 400 votes and threatened to expel her from the polling station.

A grave violation was fixed at electoral district No 445: the chair of the electoral commission refused to satisfy observer’s complaint and demand to count votes cast during pre-term voting by hand.

Electoral commission of electoral district No 528 stamped invalid bulletins as valid, and commission of polling station No 453 refused to show the documents on the voting to the observers.

Representatives of electoral commission No 556 visited all the cottages referring to the district, whereas none of these voters notified the commission of an intention to vote at home. The same situation developed at electoral district No 494: the commission members visited all the households there.

Polling station No 390 demonstrated that about half of all the notifications of voting at home (totaling 89) was received in a single pool at 10 a.m.

Planning of three polling stations No 558 and 559 and 553 violates the requirements envisaged by the law: registration and voting takes place in different premises there.

Voting of other persons was observed at polling station No 482. Thus, one voter complained that the name of his relative living with him in the same flat had been marked as voted by absentee ballot. He applied to the police. YABLOKO will closely follow this case so that a criminal persecution would not be curbed.

Progovernmental United Russia party continued brining of the electorate. Unknown persons were distributing bottles of vodka at Zhukova street (between houses No 14 and 14b) calling to support the party of the power.

A representative of the LDPR party was distributing propaganda leaflets at electoral district No 377 on the election day. He was detained by police.

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Press Release

March 14, 2010