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YABLOKO obtains 11 per cent of the votes in Tula

Press Release

March 15, 2010

YABLOKO obtained over 11 per cent of the votes at parliamentary elections in Tula, which gives a right of three or four mandates in the city parliament. However, election campaign was accompanied by multiple violations. Bribing of votes in favour of the United Russia party was observed during pre-term voting and multiple violations took place on the election day.

YABLOKOs list at the Solnechniy settlement of the Tver Region obtained about 30% of the votes.

YABLOKOs list at elections of the Assembly of the Nevelsky Area of the Pskov Region is on the verge of overcoming the barrier, however due to multirple fraud the data has not been submitted to the GAS Vibory system (electronic election data base) yet. Nevertheless YABLOKOs activists obtained 13 mandates in other municipal settlements of the region.

Olga Kurmanskaya and Anatoly Makarov supported by YABLOKO became members of the Astrakhan City Duma obtaining 49 and 67 per cent of the votes in the region electoral districts respectively.

YABLOKO will also get two mandates in the Assembly of the Krasnokamsky Area of the Perm Region. Svetlana Ivanova obtained over 55 per cent of the votes in her district and Arkady Kolokolov over 57 per cent.

Vassily Potapov, YABLOKOs leader in Miass of the Chelyabinsk Region, obtained about 50 per cent of the votes and was reelected deputy of the Council of Deputies of Miass.

We shall inform you of the results of other YABLOKOs candidates as soon as this information is released.

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Press Release

March 15, 2010