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YABLOKO enters litigation disputing the decision of the regional electoral commission

Press Release

February 19, 2010

Litigation initiated by the YABLOKO party disputing the refusal of the regional electoral commission to register YABLOKO’s list in the election race to the regional parliament began in the Sverdlovsk Region Court on February 18.

At the first hearings a representative of the regional electoral commission stated that neither members of the electoral commission nor YABLOKO could be regarded as graphology experts, so their opinions concerning the verdicts of graphology experts were subjective and the court should not take these into account. On the other hand, he turned down the proposal to conduct another graphology expertise stating that the law did not envisage that a second graphology expertise may be held, thus such an expertise allegedly could not be disputed at all. Moreover he stated that the choice of graphology experts was the prerogative of the regional electoral commission.

The leader of Sverdolovsk YABLOKO Maxim Petlin said “We have just begun our analysis of the lists of signatures rejected by the commission, as the commission have refused to give them to us until this moment, we shall work throughout all the four days-off [February 20-23] and I am sure that by [the next hearings] February 24 we shall have a lot of arguments supporting our position.”

The next hearings in the Sverdlovsk Region Court are scheduled on February 24.

The hearings on YABLOKO’s suit in the Kaluga region are also scheduled on February 24.


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Press Release

February 19, 2010