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Memorials lectures in YABLOKO. The History of the Soviet Terror


February 4, 2010

Memorials lectures in YABLOKO. The History of the Soviet Terror

We are proud to announce that we are launching lectures of Memorial heads and experts within the programme of our Evening University.

Please find below the schedule of the first lectures:

February 9, 7-00 p.m.

The Origin and Formation of the Dissidents Movement in the USSR
By Alexander Daniel, member of the Board of the Memorial human rights society

March 2, 7-00 p.m.

The State Security as an Instrument of Stalins Reprisals
By Dr Nikita Petrov

March 16, 7-00 p.m.

Forms of Political Resistance to Stalins Regime on the Example of Social Democrats
By Prof. Dr. Albert Nenarokov, The Russian State Archive of Socio-Political History

February- March (the definite date will be announced later)

Resistance in 1920s
By Prof. Dr. Konstantin Morozov, RGGU University

The Anatomy and Scopes of Stalins Terror
By Arseny Rogisnky, member of the Board, Memorial

Please look for our further announcements!

Please also note that you can visit Memorials exhibition A History of An Execution at YABLOKOs office (floors 2-4).

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February 4, 2010