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The Gitin Case

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The Victor Gitin Case
Press release

The Public Prosecutor’s Office stops criminal investigation against Viktor Gitin, Head of Yabloko in Krasnoyarsk Area

Press release, 26.01.2000

On the parliamentary inquiry on the criminal prosecution of Viktor Gitin, deputy from the Yabloko faction of the State Duma of the second convocation

Press release, 19.07.2000


Personal guarantee of Deputy Alexei Yu. Melnikov

Personal guarantee of Deputy Sergei V. Ivanenko

Answer of the Deputy Public Prosecutor of Krasnoyarsk Territory to Letter No 15.129-2000 of Guarantee of Sergei Ivanenko of 19 July 2000.

Information leaflet to the inquiry of the State Duma "On the parliamentary inquiry of the State Duma..."


Alexandr Makarov (Krasnoyarsk), Viktor Khamrayev, Deputies, Demonstrate Solidarity with Their Former Colleague

"Vremuya Novostei", No 85, p.3,

July 20, 2000,

Yesterday the Duma supported its former deputy Viktor Gitin (Yabloko), subject to criminal proceedings by the Public Prosecutor of Krasnoyarsk Territory since March 2000 for "accepting a large bribe".

Duma Urges Ustinov to End Gitin Inquiry

The Moscow Times,

July 26, 2000

The State Duma has sent an inquiry to Prosecutor General Vladimir Ustinov calling for an end to the criminal investigation against former legislator Viktor Gitin.

Gitin, the former deputy head of the Duma’s budget committee and a member of the Yabloko faction, was arrested in March on charges of getting kickbacks from a Krasnoyarsk bank for arranging transfers of federal funds through its accounts during his term in parliament.

Sickly Gitin Freed

The Moscow Times,

April 25, 2000

KRASNOYARSK , Western Siberia — Former State Duma Deputy Viktor Gitin, who was arrested three weeks ago on charges of bribery, was released from a prison hospital Monday, but had to sign an obligation not to leave Krasnoyarsk.

Yabloko Campaigner Flees Bashkortostan After Arrest

The Moscow Times, By Oksana Yablokova, Staff Writer,

Thursday, March 30, 2000

A Yabloko party activist has been detained by police and held for a night behind bars in Bashkortostan in connection with Yabloko's opposition to the regional leader, his sister said.

Dmitry Khrustalyov is the second regional Yabloko activist detained in the past week in what appears to be a national campaign against the liberal opposition party.

Former Yabloko Deputy Held On Bribe-Taking Allegations

The Moscow Times, By Oksana Yablokova, Staff Writer,

Wednesday, March 29, 2000

Viktor Gitin, a prominent member of the Yabloko party and a former State Duma deputy, has been detained on suspicion of taking bribes and sent to face charges in his native Krasnoyarsk, officials said Tuesday.


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