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Duma Urges Ustinov to End Gitin Inquiry
The Moscow Times,
July 26, 2000

The State Duma has sent an inquiry to Prosecutor General Vladimir Ustinov calling for an end to the criminal investigation against former legislator Viktor Gitin.

Gitin, the former deputy head of the Dumaís budget committee and a member of the Yabloko faction, was arrested in March on charges of getting kickbacks from a Krasnoyarsk bank for arranging transfers of federal funds through its accounts during his term in parliament.

The letter to Ustinov received the votes of 365 deputies, including the Communists.

The letter cited a May 1994 federal law on the status of State Duma deputies, which says former lawmakers cannot be prosecuted for activities related to their duties in parliament unless the Duma strips them of their immunity.

Gitinís fellow Yabloko politicians have maintained his innocence, calling his arrest political and saying he was a corruption-fighter.

After his arrest, Gitin was flown to Krasnoyarsk, jailed and released on his own recognizance from the local prison hospital after developing serious heart problems. Criminal proceedings against Gitin, who is being treated at a Krasnoyarsk hospital, have been suspended until his health improves.

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