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Gubernatorial Elections in St. Petersburg 2003

Press releases


Press releases

YABLOKO nominates Mikhail Amosov as candidate for the post of governor of St. Petersburg
Press release, July 14, 2003

In addition, St. Petersburg YABLOKO proposed three candidates to the central part of the federal list of the YABLOKO party for the State Duma elections.



A Tale of Two Cities' Attitudes
By Galina Stolyarova, St. Petersburg Times, October 7, 2003

Mikhail Amosov: "In the past few months I have really been wondering if some kind of censorship has been introduced on local TV channels. It was tacit consent; they put all their efforts to promote one candidate and ignored the others."


Underdog Markova Battles for Votes
By Vladimir Kovalev, The Moscow Times, October 3, 2003

Getting just 15.9 percent of the votes cast in the first round, narrowly ahead of "Against All Candidates," Markova can only win Sunday if she garners the support of all the defeated first-round candidates and breaks through voter apathy that led to a turnout of just 29 percent.


Russian Voter Disillusionment Seen in St. Petersburg Runoff
By Steven Lee Myers, New York Times, September 30, 2003

Twelve years after the Soviet Union's collapse most Russians have become strikingly - and, some say, ominously - disillusioned about democracy's most basic right.


Elections Set To Go to Second Round
By Vladimir Kovalev, The St.Petersburg Times, September 23, 2003

Kremlin-backed candidate Valentina Matviyenko did not get enough votes to win the gubernatorial race in the first round, garnering just 48.61 percent in the Sunday poll, the City Election Commission reported Monday.


St. Petersburg Vote Goes Into a Runoff
By Vladimir Kovalev, The Moscow Times, September 23, 2003

Markova said Monday that she would form a coalition with several other candidates -- including Mikhail Amosov, head of the Yabloko faction in the St. Petersburg Legislative Assembly and Legislative Assembly Deputy Konstantin Sukhenko -- to try to defeat Matviyenko.


St. Petersburg election: latest figures
RosbusinessConsulting, September 22, 2003

According to the St. Petersburg Electoral Commission, Presidential Representative in the North West Federal District Valentina Matviyenko leads in the election, with 48.61 percent of the vote. Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg Anna Markova comes second, with 15.89 percent.


Voters Pick New St. Pete Governor
The Associated Press, September 22, 2003

If no candidate receives more than 50 percent of the vote, a runoff will be held.


Putin Remarks Probed
The Moscow Times, September 10, 2003

By law, an official may not promote a candidate unless speaking in a private capacity.


Putin puts 'Soviet' bar on poll coverage
Nick Paton Walsh in Moscow, Guardian Unlimited, September 9, 2003

The Kremlin has introduced a draconian election law which threatens the media with closure if they give details of candidates' personal lives or analyse their policies.


Crown Princess Valentina
By Vladimir Kovalyev, The Moscow Times, August 25, 2003

I would label the whole process rather cynical, if I wasn't so convinced that disgusting is a better word.


Maxim Reznik: There has never been a split in the St. Petersburg branch of the YABLOKO party
Rosbalt, August 7, 2003

Such a comment on Irina Khakamada's statement about the action 'YABLOKO without Yavlinsky' was made by the leader of the St. Petersburg branch of the YABLOKO party Maxim Reznik to the Rosbalt correspondent.


Gryzlov paves way for Matvieynko landslide
By Ilya Zhegulev, Gazeta.ru, August 6, 2003

According to the Yabloko deputy chairman, the activities of Boris Gryzlov, who does not conceal his sympathy forUnited Russia, "are starting to exceed certain limits".


Matviyenko gets rid of half of her rivals
By Ilya Zhegulev, Gazeta.ru, August 1, 2003

As a result, at the forthcoming elections in St. Petersburg the presidential envoy for northwestern Russia Valentina Matviyenko will vie with six lawmakers, four entrepreneurs, an incumbent vice-governor, a steward and a porn film producer.


14 Candidates To Vie For Mayor'S Office In St. Petersburg
RFE/RL, August 1, 2003

By the end of the registration period on 31 July, the number of candidates to compete in the 21 September gubernatorial election in St. Petersburg had dwindled from a high of 33 to just 14, Russian media reported.


Valentina Matviyenko Set to Take St Petersburg by Storm
By Ilya Zhegulev, gazeta.ru, June 25, 2003

Everything is ready for her to assume power in the city: the seat of the former governor Vladimir Yakovlev has been temporarily assigned to a loyal person, and yesterday the office of the presidential envoy snatched control of the city's leading television network, the Petersburg Channel - a key resource in the forthcoming election campaign.


YABLOKO is ready to discuss with Valentina Matviyenko her impending election campaign
Rosbalt, June 24, 2003

Representatives from YABLOKO are ready to meet Valentina Matviyenko to discuss her impending election campaign, Deputy Chairman of the YABLOKO party Igor Artemyev said in an interview with a Rosbalt correspondent.


In July St. Petersburg branch of YABLOKO will determine role of party in gubernatorial election campaign
Rosbalt, June 24, 2003

Commenting on today's statement by Valentina Matviyenko on her intention to run for governor, Chairman of St.Petersburg branch of YABLOKO noted that "this was a long expected decision, and came as no surprise to anybody."

Press releases


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