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Dumskaya Panorama
(Press Service of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the RF)

YABLOKO proposes an alternative budget

September 25, 2003

At a press conference in the State Duma. the head of the YABLOKO faction Grigory Yavlinsky and his First Deputy, member of the Duma Committee for Budget and Taxes Sergei Ivanenko and Deputy Head of the Duma Committee for Credit Institutions and Financial Markets Igor Artemyev told the press about the faction’s negative assessment of the government variant of the draft budget for 2004 and showed an alternative document to the journalists.

Commenting on the main provisions of the alternative draft budget, Yavlinsky noted that these economic calculations provided to the public made it possible to see more clearly the shortcomings of the government's draft. YABLOKO's leader called the government's draft "a budget for stagnation", as its main parameters do not differ from last year's budget or those of 2001. The present budget demonstrates to the world the "crisis of lagging behind and the obstructive mechanisms". All this could be overcome, if it focused on the key development areas that should be prioritized, noted Yavlinsky. He also said that the main task was to overcome poverty which today threatens not only democracy and the economy, but even the federative structure in Russia.

YABLOKO proposes a single social allowance amounting to the subsistence minimum as a means of fighting poverty. This would require 270 billion roubles in additional expenditures. According to the estimates of Yavlinsky and his colleagues this money is easy to find: this is the amount of undeclared revenues that the government has concealed for several years already in the budget. Artemyev believes that reform of the tax system, bringing wages into the open and reform of the pension system could also yield additional funds. According to Ivanenko, family businesses with the capacity to create 30-40 million jobs in Russia could serve as the foundation of economic growth and a tool to overcome inflation. These issues and other parameters have been envisaged by YABLOKO in its alternative draft budget for 2004.


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