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Budget 2004

Press Release


Budget 2004

Press releases


Press Releases

Alexander Shishlov submitted amendments to the federal budget aimed at raising wages for education workers
Press release, October 3, 2003

"We can and should change the budget to enable workers in the education, science, culture and health care sectors to obtain dignified living standards," said Shishlov.


Alexei Arbatov: the military budget of the country should be bigger and made more transparent
Press release, September 10, 2003

"...It is impossible to conduct serious discussions of the military reforms in the present conditions, when 90% of the information on our military policy is made secret."


Voting in the State Duma On the adoption of the law "On the State Budget of the RF for 2004" (fourth reading), State Duma RF, November 28, 2003


Roll-call voting in the State Duma On the adoption of the law "On the State Budget of the RF for 2004" (fourth reading), Nov 28, 2003 11:20:31


Is there a Country Budget or Cash under the Table?
By Alexei Savkin, Novaya Gazeta, November 24, 2003

Each year State Duma deputies take their first taste of the main dish of the Kremlin's cooks - the country’s budget. ...It looks as if parliament members do not care any more about what was cooked for them.


$2.3Bln Added to '03 Budget
Combined Reports, Reuters, MT, October 20, 2003

Yabloko also voted against the bill because it said the government intentionally underestimated revenues by $7 billion, a view that is gaining adherents in the private sector.


2004 Budget Passes Duma Untouched
By Alex Fak and Lyuba Pronina, The Moscow Times, October 16, 2003

For the first time in history, lawmakers in the State Duma have passed the government's draft budget in a second reading without changing a word.


Human Capital Is the Basis for Economic Growth
By Griogry Yavlinsky, RTR television channel, "Vesti" programme, October 5, 2003

As we know, economic growth has many factors, but in most cases we are talking about taxes, the economic structure and conjuncture.


Wages Forgotten
By Igor Artemyev, Moscow News, October 1-7, 2003

It looks as if the government does not plan to do anything to eliminate extreme poverty, even though 20 per cent of the population are only just surviving.


Poverty No Concern Of Deputies
By Tatyana Skorobogatko, Moscow News, October 1-7, 2003

What is most alarming, Professor Rzhanitsina says that the government has no intention of combatting so-called "economic poverty," which means that as before, many of the people living below the poverty line are employed, most of them in the public sector.


YABLOKO proposes an alternative budget
Dumskaya Panorama, September 25, 2003

...the main task was to overcome poverty which today threatens not only democracy and the economy, but even the federative structure in Russia.


Grigory Yavlinsky criticizes the draft budget for 2004
Anchor: Olga Belova, NTV television channel, "Segodnya" programme, September 24, 2003

"Professionally the budget is fine: as a financial document it is quite clear and reliable. However, it fails to formulate a single task that it could resolve in the coming year."


3 Strikes on Budget, Putin Warns
The Moscow Times, September 23, 2003

"One, two, three failures and we'll ruin the working schedule on the most important economic document of the next year," Putin told Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov.


Almost according to Plan
By Alexander Zhelyenin, Novye Izvestia, September 22, 2003

During the plenary meeting of the Duma on Friday observers were shown once again that the budget on the eve of the elections is more than just a budget.


Duma Votes to Spend $89Bln in 2004
By Alla Startseva, The Moscow Times, September 22, 2003

Lawmakers passed the $88.6 billion spending bill, which envisions a surplus for the fifth consecutive year, by a vote of 246 to 180, 20 more than the simple majority needed in the 450-seat chamber.


Roll-call voting in the State Duma "On the adoption of the law "On the State Budget of the RF for 2004" (first reading)", September 19, 2003
Full report


Duma likely to give overall approval to 2004 budget Friday
ITAR-TASS, September 19, 2003

The Russian State Duma will discuss the 2004 draft budget under the first reading Friday and is likely to give an overall approval to the document which envisages an economic growth of 5.2 percent.


Yabloko faction opposes draft budget for 2004
RosbusinessConsulting, September 18, 2003

Yabloko presented an alternative outlook on Russian budget policies today. In particular, the faction proposed to "lower VAT to 15 percent, introduce a single tax on small and medium-sized family enterprises and provide powerful assistance to education."


Yabloko Finds $7Bln of Slush in Budget
By Alex Fak, The Moscow Times, September 18, 2003

The government's 2004 draft budget intentionally understates more than $7 billion in revenues that the Kremlin will use to beef up discretionary spending ahead of the presidential election and plow more money into prosecuting the war in Chechnya, the liberal Yabloko party said Wednesday.


Budget Tops Agenda as Duma Reconvenes
By Anna Dolgov, The Moscow Times, September 9, 2003

Beside the budget -- which comes up for the first of four readings Sept. 19 -- the Duma is expected to consider more than 60 bills.


YABLOKO may not support the draft federal budget in the first reading
Rosbalt, September 4, 2003

Yavlinsky said that a distribution, where 62% of the funds remain with the federal center, while the regions obtain only 38% of the funds is unjust.

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