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Russia: Yabloko Criticizes Proposed EU Sanctions

By Sophie Lambroschini, Radio Liberty,January 28, 2000

Russia's reformist Yabloko party has criticized an EU proposal to slap mild sanctions on the country over Chechnya. RFE/RL's Sophie Lambroschini reports from Moscow that the party could be trying to broaden its support base by criticizing both the war and the West's opposition to it.

Russia: Yavlinsky -- 'The Eternal Alternative' Loses Support

By Sophie Lambroschini, Radio Liberty, March 21, 2000

For the past several years, Grigory Yavlinsky has been the leader of Russia's reformist, pro-democracy and anti-Kremlin opposition. In this Sunday's election, his political future may be at stake: polls show voter support for him this year to be only around 5 percent. RFE/RL correspondent Sophie Lambroschini profiles Yavlinsky.

Russia: Television Smears Yavlinsky Before Vote

Radio Free EuropeBy Laura Belin

In the final week before the presidential election, Russian public television conducted a campaign to discredit presidential candidate Grigory Yavlinsky. The smear tactics are the more surprising as Yavlinsky posed little threat to the overwhelming favorite, acting President Vladimir Putin. RFE/RL's Laura Belin reports.

Reaction of Sergei Ivanenko to the explosion in Moscow

"Echo Moskvi", Moderator Alexei Venediktov, August 8, 2000, [19:40-19:50]

The leadership of the country and the law-enforcement agencies bear political responsibility for today's explosion at Pushkin Square, noted Deputy Head of the Yabloko faction in the State Duma of the RF, Sergei Ivanenko, in an interview with the Echo Moskvi radio station.