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Reaction of Sergei Ivanenko to the explosion in Moscow
"Echo Moskvi",
Moderator Alexei Venediktov
August 8, 2000, [19:40-19:50]

The leadership of the country and the law-enforcement agencies bear political responsibility for today's explosion at Pushkin Square, noted Deputy Head of the Yabloko faction in the State Duma of the RF, Sergei Ivanenko, in an interview with the Echo Moskvi radio station.

According to Ivanenko, the task of the authorities is to create such conditions that "there are no more explosions of this kind, a detailed investigation is held in the shortest possible time and that the culprits are found". Ivanenko recollected that the members of a Cabinet in "civilised countries" normally resign after such incidents.

At the same time, Ivanenko does not think that the introduction of a state of emergency in the capital of Russia and more stringent registration rules in Moscow would provide an adequate response to the terrorists. "I do not advocate any strengthening in purely administrative police functions, he stressed. - I fear that our law-enforcement structures may cast out the baby together with the bath water."

According to Ivanenko, "such tough measures will lead to a situation, where the terrorists pass through, like water through a sieve and ordinary people become embittered." According to Ivanenko, the fight with terrorism is a "task of specialists and professionals skilled to handle such tasks".