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YABLOKO-ELDR conference Threats of Extremism and Xenophobia Among Youth: the Liberal Answer


April 21, 2012

Moscow, April 21, 2012

The conference expresses deep concern of noticeable rise of extremism and xenophobia among youth in almost all European countries.

This is largely conditioned by such problems as replacement of individual freedom and civil responsibility by abstract interests of impersonal groups; governments economizing on humanitarian development, education and culture; abolishment by some political elites and authoritarian regimes, especially in Russia and Belarus, from democratic norms and moral principles; denial of the culture of political compromise and dialogue, the transfer of political debates into tough confrontation and violence; use of public discontent with unsettled problems for rousing of hatred and hostility among people.

We are certain that liberal and democratic forces are capable of tackling these challenges basing their response on human rights, individual freedoms, respect for the individual, tolerance and civil and moral responsibility of each person.

We think that such liberal response should include the following:

- steady rejection by the society of all forms of xenophobia and extremism and personality cult, as well as revival of nazism, Stalinism and fascism; abolishment of the cult of superiority and crude force, as well as manipulations with public opinion by means of pseudo historical myths and conspiracy theories;

- broadening of possibilities for engaging people in social and political life, provision of free and fair elections and independence of the judiciary; development of institutes of democracy and civil society which allow each citizen to participate in the social and political life and feel that his or her beliefs, points of view and interests influence governments politics;

- protection of human dignity protection, person immunity and freedom of individual choice; strengthening of the secular state principles and freedom of conscience and rejection of all forms of anti-Semitism;

- conducting policies stimulating maximum integration and socialisation of people into economic, political and cultural life of Europe; gradual liquidation of barriers either in the society or between the states. Creation of a pan-European visa-free area;

- observance of the principles of freedom of speech and open and respectful public debates on the most complicated and painful problems. Development of intercultural, interreligious, interethnic, inter-party and other forms of dialogue spreading in the entire society, rather than an exclusive leaders club only; creation of an atmosphere of trust in the society;

- development of contemporary art contributing to such a dialogue, initiation of people into different cultural traditions and reduction of aggression and intolerance in the society;

- conducting of a responsible national policy by the state;

- provision of available and high quality education, political education and citizenly upbringing of children and young people inclusive, and social lifts for all society members.

We will aspire to implement our proposals and are appealing to all sharing our values to join us in this work.


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April 21, 2012

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