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International Conference organised by ELDR and YABLOKO Youth under Threat of Extremism and Xenophobia. A Liberal Response to be held in Moscow on April 21

Press Release

April 17, 2012

The European Party Liberal Democrat and Reform Party (ELDR) and the Russian United Democratic Party YABLOKO will hold an international conference Youth under Threat of Extremism and Xenophobia. A Liberal Response on Saturday, April 21.

The conference will be opened by Dr.Sergei Mitrokhin, Chair of the YABLOKO party, Emil Kirjas, Secretary General of Liberal International, Dr. Marc Guerrero, ELDR Vice President, Vladimir Lukin, Russias Ombudsman and Dr. Astrid Thors, ELDR Vice President.

The conference will consist of four panels. In the first panel keynote reports will be made by Dr. Emil Pain, leading expert of the xenophobia study and prevention of extremism department, the Institute of Sociology, the Russian Academy of Science, Alexander Verkhovsky, Director of the Sova information and analysis centre, and Dr. Grigory Yavlinsky, YABLOKO founder, Member of Political Committee, professor the Higher School of Economics.

The second panel will introduce experts from the UK, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Russia - PACE members, MPs, politicians and university professors. Robert Woodthorpe Browne, Bureau member of Liberal International, and Chair of the International Relations Committee of the Liberal Democrats, UK, Trine Skei Grande, MP, Norwegian Parliament, leader of Venstre, Norway, Dr.Galina Mikhalyova, Executive Secretary of YABLOKOs Political Committee, professor of the Russian State Humanities University, Kerstin Lundgren, MP, Swedish Parliament, the Centre Party, Deputy member of The Swedish Delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, Sweden, Dr. Astrid Thors, ELDR Vice President, Ivan Bolshakov, YABLOKO Federal Council member, Chair of Youth Policies Commission and Dmitry Ilyushin, expert of the Institute of the State and Municipal Governing, National Research University The Higher School of Economics, YABLOKO Federal Council member, will discuss the causes and manifestations of xenophobia and extremism.

The third panel will introduce reports on the topic "Ways of overcoming xenophobia and extremism" by experts from Russia, Spain and Austria, namely: Dr. Marc Guerrero, ELDR Vice President, CDC Catalonia, Spain, Angelika Mlinar, leader of Liberales Forum, Austria,
Alexander Gnezdilov, Deputy Chair of the Moscow branch of YABLOKO, Deputy Chair of the Youth Chamber under the Moscow City Parliament, Eugeny Bunimovich, Ombudsman for Children in Moscow, Deputy Chair of the Moscow branch of YABLOKO, Andrei Babushkin, Chair of Civic Rights Committee, and Vyacheslav Glinchikov, Director of Childrens Recreation Centre Komanda.

At the participants of the conference should adopt a final document with the working title "The liberal answer."

The conference will begin at 10:00.

Press briefing will take place at 12:30-12:50.

Accreditation by phone: (495) 780 30 19 or by mail press@mosyabloko.ru.

Venue: Hotel Marriott Tverskaya, 1st Tverskaya-Yamskaya, 34, Moscow.

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Press Release

April 17, 2012

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