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Alexander Shishlov: The ban on adoption of Russian children by US citizens is immoral

RIA Novosti

December 24, 2012

Photo by the Press Service of St.Petersburg Ombudsman

St.Petersburg, Dec. 24, RIA Novosti. Alexander Shishlov, Human Rights Commissioner in St. Petersburg, considers the adoption of amendments to the draft law "On measures against persons involved in violations of fundamental human rights and freedoms, rights and freedoms of citizens of the Russian Federation" prohibiting the adoption of Russian orphans by U.S. citizens, immoral.

On December 6, 2012, the U.S. Senate adopted the Magnitsky Act on visa sanctions against the Russian citizens involved, according to Congressmen, in violation on human rights. The State Duma, in response, prepared the Dima Yakovlev Law. On Friday the State Duma adopted in the third reading the law introducing, in particular, a ban on the adoption of Russian children by U.S. citizens and extends the validity of the document onto citizens of all countries violating the rights of Russian citizens, not just on Americans.

"The adoption of the amendments prohibiting adoptions of orphaned Russian children by U.S. citizens seems to me a very cynical act. The authors of the amendments virtually propose to apply "sanctions" not against the individuals involved in human rights violations (which, as follows from its title the draft law targets at), but against Russian children who can not find a family in Russia at present, " said Shishlov.

According to Shishlov, recently the laws have been often adopted in a hurry, on emotions, and without any analysis of the circumstances and the consequences. In this case, the proponents of the amendments have been carried away by pseudo-patriotic rhetoric and forgetting about the rights and interests of Russian orphans, many of whom are seriously ill. I would like to hope that these immoral amendments to the law disgracing our country will not be adopted," he said.


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December 24, 2012

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