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Boris Vishnevsky: Have you voted for "anyone" but the ruling party? Now get the consequences

Boris Vishnevskys blog at the Ekho Moskvi web-site

December 22, 2012

"Vote for anyone but the [ruling] United Russia! ", this is how Alexei Navalny tried to persuade people on the threashold of the State Duma elections [in December 2011]. Such a variant of voting was supported then by Eunegia Chirikova, Grigory Golosov, Andrei Buzin, Artemiy Troitsky, Grigory Chkhartishvili [Boris Akunin] and others.

A large part of the protest electorate followed that advice, thus the Just Russia and the Communist party candidates got into the Duma (whereas their results were much higher than they had expected). However, YABLOKO did not get into the Duma, as many people chose to vote for the Just Russia so that not to vote in vain. And another part of those who could have supported the democratic opposition and get it into the Duma spoiled their ballots tempted by persuasions by Boris Nemtsov, Vladimir Ryzhkov, Viktor Shenderovich, Dmitry Bykov, Andrei Piontkovsky and others to choose the off with all of you strategy. Which, as I recall, its authors proudly called "a real threat to the government" and "the only correct strategy leading to a change of government and restoring of fair elections"...

A year has passed, and that the Duma adopts the "law of scoundrels" [i.e. the law on orphans]. [The ruling] United Russia and Vladimir Zhirinovskys faction and the communists and the Just Russia factions vote in unison on a single impulse: 420 of 450 votes "for" the law is almost an unprecedented result for parliament. Everything is clear with the Zhirinovskys faction and the communists. But some people vested hopes in the [socialist] Just Russia. But how did the latter vote?

52 deputies out of 64 Just Russia deputies voted for the law. The overwhelming majority. Including, in particular, [faction leader] Sergei Mironov (now say farewell to your reputation, Sergei Mikhailovich), Levichev, Mizulina (who once left YABLOKO for SPS and then to the Just Russia), Moskalkova, Mikheyev, Belyakov, Goryacheva, Greshnevikov, Nilov, Drapeko, Lomakin-Rumyantsev (with the first group of disability, can you believe that he was unaware of what he was doing depriving handicapped orphans to get new families in the USA?). The following deputies were against the law: Ponomariov, Gudkov, Ozerov and Petrov. Dmitrieva, Grachyov, Khovanskaya, Ushakov and some other did not vote (thanks at least for that, although they could have voted against).

The present Duma does not have the parties that could as YABLOKO which has toughly criticized the draft law vote against it. Well, for this we can say "thank you" to those who a year ago obeyed to the calls to vote for "anyone but the ruling United Russia."

Have you voted for "anyone" but the ruling party?
Now get the consequences.
And the consequences are here.


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December 22, 2012

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