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YABLOKO Bureau expels Chair of the Bryansk branch of YABLOKO who supported Governor Denin during elections

Press Release

October 28, 2012

The Federal Bureau of the YABLOKO party expelled from the party Andrei Ponomaryov, Chair of the Bryansk branch of YABLOKO, and three members of the Regional Council of the Bryansk branch of YABLOKO. The Ponomaryovs decision to withdraw his candidacy from the gubernatorial elections and support the incumbent Governor Nikolai Denin was recognized as inflicting political damage to the party.

Despite of the decision of the governing bodies of the arty, Andrei Ponomaryov withdrew from the election race for the post of Governor of the Bryansk Region and supported acting Governor Nikolai Denin, candidate from the ruling "United Russia" party.

The Regional Council of the Bryansk branch of YABLOKO supported the decision of their chair and even "requested Ponomaryov to write a letter of refusal to run in the elections". Members of the Regional Council F. Bogomaz, A.Filipchuk and T.Rozzorenova voted for this decision.

These party members were officially invited to the Bureau meeting (which had to consider their membership in YABLOKO), but did not want to come and explain their position.

The issue of expelling Andrei Ponomaryov and three Regional Council members was submitted to the Bureau by YABLOKO leader Sergei Mitrokhin. Mitrokhin once again refuted the statement made by Dmitry Medvdev, Prime Minister and leader of ruling "United Russia" party, that Ponomaryovs withdrawal from the election had been agreed with the Bureau of the YABLOKO party.

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