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YABLOKO in the regional and municipal elections on October 14, 2012

Press Release

October 12, 2012

Regional and municipal elections will take place in Russia on October 14, 2012. The YABLOKO party nominated its candidates for the elections in 22 Russian regions.

In the Krasnodar Territory, the list of candidates to run at elections to the Legislative Assembly represents a coalition of opposition forces in the region. Well-known representatives from different democratic parties and movements, environmentalists, human rights activists, independent journalists and public figures join together under the banner "Yabloko - United Democrats of the Krasnodar Territory". The joint list of candidates includes: Andrei Rudomakha, Chairman of the Krasnodar branch of YABLOKO and coordinator of the North Caucasus Environmental Watch, Yegeny Vitishko, Chair of the Tuapse branch of YABLOKO, Suren Ghazaryan, member of the North Caucasus Environmental Watch, Lenid Malyavin, ex Chair of the Krasnodar branch of the party RPR-PARNAS party, and Dmitry Pupynin, Chairman of the Krasnodar branch of the Democratic Choice of Russia movement. The party list totals to 36 candidates.

The programme "Kuban Demands Changes!" targets at peaceful constitutional transformations of the Krasnodar Territory into a modern, law abiding, democratic and socially oriented region of the Russian Federation, where the authorities would serve the interests of citizens and ensure an environmentally friendly and economically sustainable development of the region. For many years the activists represented in the list have been defending human rights, protecting the environment and fighting against corruption in the government, including demands for resignation of Governor Alexander Tkachyov.

YABLOKOs list was supported by professors from the Kuban State University Mikhail Savva and Alexander Zhdanov, Yegenia Chirikova, leader of the Khimki Forest movement and Chairs of democratic parties Vladimir Ryzhkov and Vladimir Milov.

In Udmurtia, the YABLOKO party nominated a list of candidates for the State Council of the Republic. The list is topped by Mikhail Nazarov, Chairman of the regional branch of YABLOKO and leader of the trade union of entrepreneurs "Unity", Sophia Rusova journalist and publisher of the "Izhevsk Observer" and Andrei Nekrasov, head of the anti-corruption fund "New Udmurtia".

The Udmurtian branch YABLOKO has consistently called for the resignation of the President of the Republic Alexander Volkov. According to the YABLOKO, the region demonstrates a criminal merger of the power and oligarchy, and this should be changed. In the course of the campaign the candidates had to face continuous pressure from the authorities, media censorship, and even threats of murder. The candidates state that the government in Udmurtia is afraid to admit the only real oppositional force into the parliament.

In the Moscow region YABLOKO participates in the municipal elections in Kurovskiy, Serebryanniye Prudi, Uspensky and Elektrogorsk. Also YABLOKO candidates run in the elections of five city heads of cities and local elections. Candidate for the post of head of Sergiev Posad is Sergei Kryzhov, who is acting deputy of the local Council, Yugeny Gamlitsky runs for Mytishchi head, Alexander Shipov runs for Obukhovo head, Alexander Krivosheev runs in Voskresensk and Kirill Lysenko in Pushkino. Alexander Gunko, deputy head of the Moscow Region YABLOKO runs in the by-election for deputies to the Moscow Region parliament in Egorievsky district (precinct 4).

The Moscow Region branch of YABLOKO has developed a programme for the development of the region. The programme aims to solve the problems of transportation in the region, the gap in social welfare as compared to Moscow, poor quality of housing and utilities services and high cost of housing, corruption in all the levels of governing, etc. The Moscow Region YABLOKO proposes to develop and strengthen municipal governing in the region, as local self-governing which will be controlled and promoted by the citizens may help to redirect funding so that to address urgent tasks of different cities and districts of the region.

Kaliningrad by the Baltic Sea will hold mayoral elections. YABLOKOs candidate for the post of Mayor is Alexandra Yakovleva. Yakovleva intends to present her own concept of development of Kaliningrad targeted at reduction of the city dependence from the federal government.

The Kozmodemyansk town in the Kaliningrad region will hold by-elections to the local municipality and YABLOKOs candidate is Mikhail Ivanov, who has been professionally involved in waste recycling and is going to improve the environmental situation in the town suffering from pollution from a large solid waste landfill.

In the Altai region YABLOKO participates in the elections to Barnaul and Rubtsovsk city parliaments. Alexander Gontcharenko, leader of the Altai YABLOKO, doctor and human rights activist, is one of YABLOKOs candidates running for the Barnaul City Duma. Barnaul Electoral Commission has registered all eight YABLOKO candidates, but Rubtsovsk Electoral Commission began registration of YABLOKOs candidates only after the ruling by Altai Regional Court. Opposition candidates in the Altai region signed an agreement on joint control over voting so that to counteract election fraud.

YABLOKO nominated 11 candidates to run in the elections to the Yaroslavl City Council. However, eight candidates were not registered by the electoral commission. Vladimir Zubkov, leader of the Yaroslavl YABLOKO and one of the candidates the City Duma, believes that this is part of a large-scale fraud planned by the authorities so that not to let the opposition into the parliament.

In the Sverdlovsk region YABLOKO nominated candidates to run for the head of six districts: Sergey Kirillov, Sergei Seryapin, Anatoly Pagodaev , Irina Skachkova, Michael Tokarev and Alexander Ogorodov.

Also in the Sverdlovsk region YABLOKO candidates will run for four local parliaments. YABLOKO pays special attention to the election campaign in the Pervouralsk city where RPR-PARNAS tried to cancel YABLOKOs registration in court. According to YABLOKO, such pressure is connected with the fact that YABLOKOs list includes all real opposition activists and acting opposition MPs from the City Duma.

In the Tver region YABLOKOs candidates will run for three local parliaments in Tver, Udomlya and Vishny Volochok. YABLOKO nominated a joint list of candidates, which included representatives of regional branches of the environmental movement, the Democratic Choice and RPR-PARNAS parties, Mikhail Prokhorovs Civil Platform, different NGOs and public organisations to run for the Tver City Duma. The list is topped by Anton Stamplevsky, Chairman of the Tver YABLOKO and director of the Tver City Foundation for Support of Small Businesses; Margarita Khanskaya, public activist and expert on housing and utilities sector. The Tver YABLOKO is against the emergence of an industrial zone on the border of the Moscow and the Tver region, which would create environmental threats in the region. The Tver YABLOKO developed a programme "A Way to Freedom in Tver" addressing the major problems of the region.

In the elections to the Sakhalin Region Duma YABLOKO presented a complex programme of regional development. The Sakhalin branch of YABLOKO supports the construction of a modern refinery, gasification of private houses in the outskirts of the city in the next five years, implementation of the 'Houses-Land-Roads YABLOKOs programme in the Sakhalin region and improvements in the social sector. Special attention is paid to the region's ecology: the revision of sanitary zones and resettlement of residents living in difficult conditions.

The party list at the parliamentary elections in Sakhalin is topped by Sergei Bykh, head of the regional YABLOKO branch, Mikhail Arendarenko, acting deputy of the the City Assembly of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk and Oleg Sharovetsky, head of the psychiatric hospital.

In the Penza region YABLOKO put forward a list of 22 candidates to run for the Legislative Assembly. The list is topped by Sergey Oleynik, president of the ANTI-AIDS public fund for support of healthcare and education; Sergey Illiev, deputy of the local council and Yuri Voblikov, prominent human rights activist.

The Irkutsk branch of YABLOKO will compete not only for seats in the City Council of Angarsk, but also Valery Kurochkin will run for the post of mayor of the city. YABLOKO activists have been fighting for stopping of a paper mill polluting Lake Baikal and for the rights of the citizens living in the region.

In Lipetsk, YABLOKO will run for the City Duma. YABLOKOs candidates are Yelena Guryeva, Alexander Krivoruchko and Andrei Shalev. The main objectives for YABLOKO in the region are creation of transparency of the municipal government for the public, removing of administrative barriers and pressure on small and medium enterprises, and development of a good business climate in the region.

YABLOKO also nominated candidates for elections to the city parliaments in Chelyabinsk, Tomsk, the Bogoroditsk city in the Tula region, Vladivostok, the Apastovo region of Tatarstan, urban settlements Ostov and two rural settlements in the Pskov region, and two districts in the Republic of Bashkortostan. YABLOKOs candidates also run for the heads the Omsk District in the Omsk region and two rural settlements in the Kirov region. YABLOKOs lists are registered in the elections to the City Dumas of Cherkessk and Karachayevsk.

In the elections to the Saratov Regional Duma YABLOKO nominated five candidates in single-seat precincts. However, YABLOKO withdrew its regional list of candidates for the Saratov Regional Duma in favour of RPR-PARNAS.

"Considering the methods election campaigns are run in many regions, we expect large-scale fraud. This is especially true of Udmurtia and the Krasnodar Territory. Since these are large regions, it is difficult to expect that we will be able to send observers to all the polling stations. We vest more hope in the city elections, where it is easier to control the voting process, " said YABLOKO leader Sergei Mitrokhin.

According to the Central Electoral Commission, YABLOKO has registered 600 candidates for elections of October 14, 2012.

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Press Release

October 12, 2012

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