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YABLOKO came second with 21 per cent of the votes in Pervouralsk

Press Release

October 15, 2012

According to the preliminary data, YABLOKOs list candidates in the elections to the City Duma of Pervouralsk, the Sverdlovsk Region, received 21 per cent of the vote and thus came second after the ruling United Russia party (37 per cent).

YABLOKOs observers reported to YABLOKOs call centre the results from 58 of the 79 district electoral commissions of Pervouralsk. Just Russia came third with 14.6 per cent of the vote, and the Communist Party came fourth with 11.7 per cent. Also the Patriots of Russia (9 per cent) and the LDPR (5.7 per cent) overcome the 5 percent threashold. The list of RPR-PARNAS was supported by 0.8 per cent of the voters. It should be noted that the local branch of RPR-PARNAS had applied to court so that to withdraw YABLOKO from the election.

Thus, the YABLOKO party is to get three of the fourteen mandates distributed among the party lists.

In addition, two YABLOKOs candidates in the binominal precincts Konstantin Drygin and Vitaly Listratkin - have very good chances to get their mandates. Drygin confidently wins in his precinct.

As regards Vitaly Listratkin, he is third in one of the polling stations in his precinct due to fraud. YABLOKO and Listratkin will seek cancellation of the election results at this polling station.

14 mandates will be distributed among majority precincts.

According to the preliminary data, YABLOKOs list should overcome the threashold in Berezovsky, another city of the Sverdlovsk Region.

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October 15, 2012

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