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YABLOKO demonstrates success in small cities: YABLOKO factions will appear in Yaroslavl, Pervouralsk, Berezovsky and Elektrogorsk

Press Release

October 15, 2012

According to the results of voting on October 14, YABLOKO factions will appear in four Russian cities: Yaroslavl, Pervouralsk, Berezovsky in the Sverdlovsk region and Elektrogorsk in the Moscow region.

The best result YABLOKO obtained in Pervouralsk - 20.4 per cent. YABLOKO came second here after the ruling United Russia with 37 per cent. Konstantin Drigin topping YABLOKOs will also get a mandate. Drigin with 35 per cent of the vote won over Valery Treskin, the ruling partys candidate, who got 25 per cent of the vote.

In Yaroslavl, the party has overcome the 5 per cent threashold. The candidates running in single mandate electoral districts failed to deputies of the Yaroslavl City Council, however Galina Sokolova came second in her district with almost 26 per cent of the vote, and another eight candidates came third in their districts getting from 7 to 19 per cent of the vote.

In the Berezovsky city, the Sverdlovsk region, 6.6 per cent of the electorate voted for YABLOKO, and now the party will have the right to form a faction in the Council of Deputies.

In Elektrogorsk, the Moscow region, YABLOKOs candidates got 9.2 per cent which also means that YABLOKO can form a faction in the municipal assembly in the city.

YABLOKO candidate Alexei Zyablitsev became head of Shembetsky rural settlement of the Kirov region, gaining over 30 per cent of the votes.

YABLOKO leader Sergei Mitrokhin said that the results of the October elections show growing support for YABLOKO in the small cities. "This is where the party got most of the votes. This is a good trend, and we are satisfied with it," he said.

According to Mitrokhin, "the following trend has manifested itself: the smaller the territory, the better the result. This is due to the fact that in small settlements it is possible to cover almost 100 per cent of the polling stations with trained observers.

"It was hard to count on getting outstanding results in such large regions as Krasnodar and Udmurtia, where YABLOKO severely criticized the authorities," Mitrokhin said. He also explained that in such areas, it is impossible to maintain control over most of the polling stations.

This morning, Sergei Mitrokhin sent to the Central Electoral Commission, Public Prosecutor General and the Investigative Committee a complaint on the most significant violations recorded by YABLOKO candidates and observers in 13 regions (Tatarstan and Udmurtia; Maritime, Krasnodar and Altai territories; Bryansk, Ryazan, Saratov, Tula, Moscow, Yaroslavl, Irkutsk and Chelyabinsk regions).

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