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Stuffing of ballots in favour of the ruling party in the Krasnodar Territory

Press Release

October 14, 2012

YABLOKOs candidates and observes report multiple violations at the elections to the Krasnodar Territory Legislative Assembly.

YABLOKO observer filmed Yelena Sluchevskaya, Chair of Electoral Commission No 4822 (Novopekhovskoye village), stuffing of packages of ballots. The 18 minute video demonstrates several episodes of ballot stuffing.

On the third minute of the video Chair of the Electoral Commission produces a bulletin from a file and puts it into the ballot box.

On the fifth minute of the video the secretary of the Commission calls Yelena Sluchevskaya and they begin filling in the ballots together. Then the Chair stuffs a thick package into the ballot box. Then takes one more package and stuffs it into the box too.

In the second part of the video the Commission members are assisted allegedly by a person from the local administration.

Also stuffing of ballots was recorded at polling stations No 2230, 2231, and 2228 in Krasnodar. In Ust-Labinsk Chair of the Electoral Commission stuffed the rigged ballots at polling station No 5603. YABLOKOs commission member was ousted from the room under some pretext.

In Armavir YABLOKO observer also reported stuffing of ballots at polling station No 460. However, the police did not detain the person engaged in vote rigging and did not seal the ballot box.

Dmitry Gutov, YABLOKOs observer at polling station No 2054, was beaten when he attempted to photograph the participants of a carousel who arrived to the polling station by car (No AOBO62, 23). Dmitry was threatened with murder and the attackers snatched his press card.

Also carousel voting was reported at polling stations No 2047, 2055,2056, 2215, 2216 and 2213. 15 pensioners voted as a group at polling station No 2103, when asked why they were voting all together, the pensioners quickly left the polling station.

In Novokubansky District at polling station No 3239 one person showed two passports and received four bulletins.

Also YABLOKO observers report a large number of violations connected with ousting of observes from the polling stations (polling stations No 2258, 2113, 2122, 2109, 2105, 2122, 2109 and 2113).

At polling station No 1479 soldiers are made to vote the commander of the their unit who is candidate to the Legislative Assembly. When refused to vote for him, soldiers are threatened with taking up measures against them.

Ban on video recording was introduced at polling stations No 2213, 0456, 2215 and 2216. Photography was prohibited at polling station No 2003.

At polling stations No 2231 and 2291 groups of robust young people were intimidating voters.

In Anapa at polling station No 0223 chair of Electoral Commission refused to show polling boxed to the observer.

YABLOKO will file a complaint on all these cases to Public Prosecutor General and Central Electoral Commission.

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