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The State Duma Commission to conduct investigation on deputies commercial activities on Sergei Mitrokhins inquiry

Press Release

September 27, 2012

State Duma Commission to conduct investigation on deputies commercial activities on Sergei Mitrokhins inquiry

Today, the State Duma Commission on the audit on the data submitted by MPs on their incomes and property will consider the case of five more Duma deputies on the inquiry of YABLOKO leader Sergei Mitrokhin. The audit will be conducted on the cases of four United Russia MPs: Andrei Skotch, Vasily Tolstopyatov, Grigory Anikeyev, Airat Khairullin and LDPRs Vladimir Semyonov.

An inquiry on Andrei Skotch was forwarded to the State Duma as early as on July 4.

Skotch appears on the Forbes List, however as of his official income statement he does not posses any assets or income. He explained the difference between the declared and the real assets by transferring his business to his father and living on the maintenance allotted to him by his father. YABLOKO insists that the MP must declare the income and property given to him by his father.

However, even if the Commission finds a violation, they will not deprive the MP of his mandate. The law does not stipulate for any sanctions in case an MP provides unreliable information.

"The Commission of the State Duma must initiate and conduct an audit and publish its results, as well as adopt a formal decision on inadmissibility of concealment of income," said YABLOKO leader Sergei Mitrokhin.
He also noted that the Commission that was created in the beginning of 2012 even had never found grounds for conducting an audit.

As regards for other deputies Vasily Tolstopyatov, Grigory Anikeyev, Airat Khairullin and Vladimir Semyonov YABLOKO states that they have acquired new businesses during their Duma term.

For example, Grigory Anikeyev became an owner of four companies during his Duma term: OOO "Trade-Marketing", OOO "ABI Mall", OOO "TaIr" LLC, and "TRK TV MIR (a television company). OOO "Trade-Marketing" was created by Anikeyev on Ocotber 21, 2009 (Anikeev has been MP since 2007). The other three companies were created before, however, Anikeyev became their owner in 2009.

In addition, Grigory Anikeyev owns stakes in 33 businesses, whereas stakes in 4 businesses were obtained during his Duma term which constitutes an obvious violation.

Airat Khairullin, according to official data, established OOO "Solntsevo Niva" on August 13, 2008, i.e. during his MP term.

YABLOKOs dossier on each of the MPs in Russian can be found here.

On September 19, Sergei Mitrokhin forwarded a new letter to the Investigative Committee demanding to launch an investigation in respect of these MPs and their companies, where new directors had been appointed since December 21, 2011. It turned out that there were 16 such MPs, including Vasily Tolstopyatov, Grigory Anikeyev and Airat Khairullin.

It would be more difficult of the Duma to apply double standards in dealing with these cases. "If the Investigative Committee conducts a careful investigation, than the circumstances of violations demonstrated by the United Russia deputies will not differ from the Gudkov case at all, Mitrokhin said.

The Commission will consider the cases of nine deputies. Five cases will be considered dealing with Mitrokhins inquiry and four more cases (of "United Russia" MPs Yelena Nikolayeva, Alexei Knyshev, Vladimir Pekhtin and Ilya Kostunov) will be considered for on Sergei Mironovs inquiry.

The Commission meeting is scheduled for 13:30, it will be held in camera.

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Press Release

September 27, 2012

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