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The State Duma once again demonstrated double standards

Press Release

September 20, 2012

YABLOKO leader Sergei Mitrokhin said that the decision of the Commission of the State Duma which had considered the cases of MP engaged in businesses during their term demonstrated double standards.

On September 20, the Commission for Control over Reliability of Information for MPs Incomes listened to the cases of five MPs from the ruling United Russia faction: Vladimslav Reznik, Adam Delimkhanov, Oleg Lebedev, Ivan Demchenko and Andrei Skotch. The investigation had been made on YABLOKOs initiative.

It turned out that the Commission had questions to only one MP Andrei Skotch. His case will be considered at the next meeting of the Commission.

The Commission did not find any grounds for launching an investigation on the four deputies. However, YABLOKO had laid claims to three of the MPs Demchenko, Reznik and Lebedev the same as the claims laid by the Duma to oppositional MP Gennady Gudkov.

The Duma decided that MPs can set up new businesses during their term, however, they are not allowed to change directors of these companies (Ed. Gennady Gudkov was deprived of his mandate exactly for voting for a new director of a company set up before his term of office). This is a clear manifestation of double standards, Mitrokhin noted.

Also Mitrokhin reiterated that he had forwarded a new inquiry to the Investigative Committee demanding to conduct an audit on the MPs who owned or had a share in companies that had replaced their directors until December 2011.

This inquiry will make it more difficult for the State Duma to demonstrate its double standards. If the Investigative Committee conducts a careful investigation, than the circumstances of violations demonstrated by the United Russia deputies will not differ from the Gudkov case at all, Mitrokhin said.

YABLOKO forwarded inquiries on Delimkhanov and Skotch as early as in April 2012, long before the Gudkov case.

YABLOKO asked to launch an investigation on Adam Delimkhanov in April 2012. this MP demonstrated an all of a sudden rise of incomes of his family members. His spouse bought two flats in Russia (148 sq m and 406 sq m) and a Mercedes-Benz-211. However, Delimkhanovs income was under 2 mln roubles a year, and that of his spouse under 200,000 roubles in 2011, she declared no income for 2010 and 2009. Also Delimkhanov has never had any business.

An inquiry on Adrei Skotch was filed in July 2012. A person from the Forbes list did not possess any property or income as of his official income statement. Skotch explained this discrepancy between the declared and the real property by transferring his business to his father. He also added that he lived as a dependant of his father. YABLOKO insisted that Skotch had to declare the assets allocated to him by his father.

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Press Release

September 20, 2012

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