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Sergei Mitrokhin fined for talking to bloggers and journalists

Press Release

September 7, 2012

Olga Zatomskaya, Judge of a Moscow court of the first instance, imposed a RUR 2,000 fine of YABLOKO leader Sergei Mitrokhin for his talking to journalists and bloggers during the protest action of June 6. The court's decision bases on a false testimony of witnesses and police. The party intends to appeal against this decision.

On June 6, YABLOKO activists led by Sergei Mitrokhin participated in the so-called walking protests against the adoption of the amendments to the law on rallies. YABLOKO activists for 40 minutes were walking by the Kremlin in white T-shirts with the inscription "The law on rallies is a way to a fascist state". But then the police demanded from the activists to remove T-shirts, and after a refusal began detentions.

The Judge ruled out that Mitrokhin was guilty under Article 20.2 of Part 1 of the Administrative Code (violation of the established procedure for organizing rallies, demonstrations, marches and pickets). The judge based her decision on false testimonies of police officers who had not take part in the detentions.

According to fabricated detention records that were laid in the basis of the evidence against Mitrokhin, YABLOKO leader was wearing a T-shirt with YABLOKOs emblem and was shouting slogans of Shame! and Down with the police state!. However, the photographs from the action clearly demonstrate that Mitrokhin was not wearing a T-shirt with the party symbol, but had an ordinary polo T-shirt and a jacket on.

The photo from the action demonstrates that Mitrokhin was not wearing a YABLOKO T-shirt.

When Alexei Syuzyumov, the defender of the party leader, asked the witnesses to describe Sergei Mitrokhin whom they had allegedly detained, the first police officer could only say that "he was an adequate man and did not resist during arrest and was and MP". Another witness said he did not remember how YABLOKO leader looked like, because from that time he had been involved in over 100 arrests.

Finally answering the question what were the violations made by Mitrokhin, the witnesses said that "there were bloggers and journalists around him.

YABLOKO will appeal against this decision in a higher court.

Also on September 4, the same judge imposed a RUR 1,000 fine on Maya Zavyalova, YABLOKOs activist, for "shouting slogans" during the June walking protests against the adoption of amendments to the law on rallies. Then the court's decision also based on false testimony of witnesses and police.

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Press Release

September 7, 2012

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