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Arrests of protesters have begun at Manaezhnaya Square, Moscow

Press Release

June 6, 2012

Arrests of protesters have begun at Manaezhnaya Square in the centre Moscow. YABLOKO activists planned to begin a protest action in the Alexander Gardens by the Kremlin wall, however, it was suddenly closed an hour before the action. Therefore it was decided to protest at the Manegnaya Square nearby.

All the activists wearing T-shirts with the slogan of the action The Law On Rallies is a way to a fascist state.

Sergei Mitrokhin and 11 activists (four girls among them) were taken by police to the patrol wagons.

Walking protests have been held in connection with adoption of amendments to the Law "On Rallies," and the Administrative Code. The State Duma adopted the amendments yesterday in the second and third readings and Federation Council approved them today.

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June 6 , 2012

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