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Activists protesting against the law on rallies arrested in Volgograd

Press service of the branch of YABLOKO

June 6, 2012

People gathered by the Presidents reception office in Volgograd at 2 p.m. today. The participants of the gathering were protesting against the adoption of the law on rallies and were trying to get into Vladimir Putins reception office so that to hand in a petition proposing that the President should veto the bill passed by the State Duma yesterday. The police arrested six people: Nikolai Belikov, Sergey Mazanov, Boris Stikhin, Artyom Panenko, Yulia Vlasenko and Leonid Makhinya. Some of them were YABLOKO members other represented public movement "For Fair Elections" and independent media.

Today YABLOKO has conducted a series of one-person pickets against the adoption of such amendments by the upper chamber of the parliament the Federation Council before the sitting of the senators who had to approve the bill. YABLOKO leader Sergei Mitrokhin picketing the Federation Council said that the adopted amendments are installing dictatorship in the country.

Another protest action will take place in the Alexander Gardens by the Kremlin wall at 7 p.m. YABLOKO activists and ordinary citizens will gather there so that to appeal to President Putin who has to sign the bill after which it will become a law.

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June 6 , 2012

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