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Sergei Mitrokhin studied the problems of the Kolchugin District, Vladimir Region

Press Release

July 24, 2012

On July 23 YABLOKO leader Sergei Mitrokhin visited the Kolchugin District, Vladimir Region, headed by Alexei Firsov, member of the YABLOKO party. In March 2011, Alexei Firsov, leader of the local branch of YABLOKO was elected head of the Council of Deputies of Kolchugin District. Firsov won I nthe elections with 29.72 per cent of the vote, YABLOKOs party list got 20.56 per cent of the vote at the election.

Mitrokhin began his visit from Kindergarten No 10. Firsov and kindergarten director told him that opening of this kindergarten helped to reduce the queue for a place in a kindergarten by 120 kids, however, the queue had still contained 300 children.

Alexei Firsov told how he tried to solve the problem by finding sponsors' fundding for kindergartens.

Further Mitrokhin visited Kolchugin garmet factory a large producer of coats.

Sergei Mitrokhin spoke to the staff of the factory and also visited factorys manufacturing shops.

Vladimir Kupriyanov has been heading the factory since 1985. He expressed his concern that Russias joining the WTO could lead to closing He handed to YABLOKO leader proposals developed by the Russian Union of Garment Manufacturers on adjustment of Russias light industry to WTO and asked YABLOKO to participate in the solution of these problems.

Sergei Mitrokhin and district head Alexei Firsov visited Voronezhsky farm. Khadzhimurad Eldarov, Director of the farm, told Mitrokhin about the problems of agricultural producers.

Mitrokhin also visited Stroitelniye Innovatsii company producing environmentally friendly construction materials.

In the end of his visit Mitrokhin went to Bavliyeny village where he learned about the social situation in the village.

Mitrokhin and Firsov agreed on further collaboration and joint work for solution of the problems of the district.



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Press Release

July 24, 2012

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