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Police received a complaint of pornographic YABLOKO leaflets

Press Release

July 18, 2012

Vladimir Grachyov, Deputy Chairman of the Electoral Commission of the Ryazan region, applied to the police of the Kasimov city demanding to stop the distribution of YABLOKO leaflets. The leaflets criticised United Russia for the July raise of housing and utilities tariffs.

Earlier Grachyov had already expressed his concern about the leaflets to YABLOKO activists participating in the elections to the Kasimov City Council. The leaflet contained a caricature picturing a girl washing in the shower. A man bursting into the bathroom says to the scared girl, "I am not looking at you, I am looking at the water counter."

The leaflet was published within the framework of YABLOKO electoral campaign to the Kasimov City Council. It was paid from the election fund. All 3,000 leaflets have been distributed already.

This is not the first ridiculous claim in our election campaign, said Anatoly Kivva, head of the YABLOKO branch in Kasimov. For example, earlier the city administration demanded from the police to recognise the work of our activists distributing leaflets in the streets either as a picket or a rally, because more than one person were distributing leaflets. Everyone laughed at this, but the police file an administrative offense case under the new law on public rallies with its huge fines and corrective labor.


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Press Release

July 18, 2012

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