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Democrats discussed the Moscow City Duma Elections

Press Release

April 11, 2013

On April 10, the YABLOKO party held a meeting for representatives of democratic parties and organizations. The meeting discussed YABLOKOs proposal on compiling of a single list of democratic candidates for the Moscow City Duma elections 2014. Earlier YABLOKO had proposed to give half of places on its party list to the candidates from democratic forces.

Members of the Democratic Choice party and their leader Vladimir Milov, representatives of the Solidarity movement and RPR-PARNAS, activists from Grazhdanskaya Initsiativa (Civil Initiative) and their leader Andrei Nechayev, Gennady Gudkov , member of the opposition's Coordination Council, and Ilya Ponomaryov, deputy of the State Duma, took part in the meeting. Opening the meeting YABLOKO leader Sergei Mitrokhin spoke about YABLOKOs initiative on creating a broad democratic and civil coalition for the Moscow City Duma elections. YABLOKO proposed to conduct primaries, where all the Muscovites could participate; whereas the winners in the primaries would be included into the YABLOKO party list of candidates and in single-mandate electoral districts. Sergei Mitrokhin emphasized that if the parties reached an agreement, YABLOKO would ready to take their representatives on the partys part of the electoral list.

Ilya Ponomaryov and Vladimir Milov spoke about the need to divide single-mandate electoral districts between the democratic forces. Vladimir Milov also spoke about the importance of raising the turnout and proposed to conduct a sociological survey first.

Sociological surveys always demonstrate out-of-date data, said Galina Mikhaleva, First Deputy Chair of the Moscow branch of YABLOKO. The task of a politician should be forming of public opinion and changing the agenda, she added.

Mikhail Shneider reported that RPR-PARNAS had planned to hold primaries for all the positions on their list of candidates. Sergei Mitrokhin noted that in this case their party would be deprived of a mechanism for coordination of interests with other parties.

According to Gennady Gudkov, a single charter for all the opposition politicians and political forces running in the elections against the Moscow City authorities should be created.

The participants of the meeting agreed that the next meeting should take place in a neutral territory and with broader representation. All the potential participants of the negotiations should receive invitations to the meeting. Gennady Gudkov proposed that representatives of the Communist Party and the Just Russia party should also be invited to the second meeting.

YABLOKO leader Sergei Mitrokhin noted that the meeting was a success and the discussion of these issues would go on.

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