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Moscow City Duma Elections 2013
Press releases and Publications

YABLOKO leader proposed a strategy for the opposition at the rally in Bolotnaya Square, Moscow

Press Release, May 6, 2013

Speaking at a mass rally in Bolotnaya Square, Moscow, YABLOKO leader Sergei Mitrokhin urged democratically minded people to go to polling stations and make the elections honest, rather than ask the authorities for fair and honest elections.

"There is nothing to discuss with these authorities, they resist a dialogue, it is absolutely hopeless to ask something from the authorities, to demand something from them, it is even pointless to scold or criticize them. The only thing that makes sense is to change the government. It's time to change the power and take it into our hands," said Sergei Mitrokhin...

...According to Mitrokhin, a single from the opposition in the gubernatorial elections in the Moscow Region should be Gennady Gudkov [ousted from the Duma and the Just Russia party for his oppositional views].

Mitrokhin also said that a single list of candidates from the opposition should be nominated for the Moscow City Duma elections as well...

Consultations of democratic organisations on the threashold of the Moscow City Duma elections go on

Press Release, April 25, 2013

Yesterday, representatives of democratic parties and organisations gathered for their second meeting in one of Moscow clubs to discuss nomination of a single list in the Moscow City Duma elections.

Representatives of from the YABLOKO party and YABLOKO leader Sergei Mitrokhin, RPR-Parnas (Vladimir Ryzhkov), Democratic Choice (Vladimir Milov), the Civil Initiative (Nikolai Alekseyev), the Solidarity (Michael Schneider) and the Coordinating Council of the opposition (Gennady Gudkov) participated in the meeting. This time new participants joined the meeting: representatives of the The Party of December 5 (Denis Bilunov and Sergei Davidis), the Civil Initiative, the Civil Federation movement and The White Ribbon joined the consultations.

The participants agreed to conduct regular meetings so that to coordinate candidates in single-mandate electoral districts and actions targeted at the increase of voter turnout, as well as possible agreements on the general list. A working group comprising one representative from each organisation was formed. The tasks of the working group are to formulate the agenda and possible solutions for the next meeting in an expanded format. The YABLOKO party delegated Galina Mikhaleva, First Deputy Chair of the Moscow branch of the party, to the working group. The first meeting of the working group will be held this Saturday, on April 27...

Democrats discussed the Moscow City Duma Elections

Press Release, April 11, 2013

On April 10, the YABLOKO party held a meeting for representatives of democratic parties and organizations. The meeting discussed YABLOKO’s proposal on compiling of a single list of democratic candidates for the Moscow City Duma elections 2014. Earlier YABLOKO had proposed to give half of places on its party list to the candidates from democratic forces.
Members of the Democratic Choice party and their leader Vladimir Milov, representatives of the Solidarity movement and RPR-PARNAS, activists from Grazhdanskaya Initsiativa (Civil Initiative) and their leader Andrei Nechayev, Gennady Gudkov , member of the opposition's Coordination Council, and Ilya Ponomaryov, deputy of the State Duma, took part in the meeting. Opening the meeting YABLOKO leader Sergei Mitrokhin spoke about YABLOKO’s initiative on creating a broad democratic and civil coalition for the Moscow City Duma elections. YABLOKO proposed to conduct primaries, where all the Muscovites could participate; whereas the winners in the primaries would be included into the YABLOKO party list of candidates and in single-mandate electoral districts. Sergei Mitrokhin emphasized that if the parties reached an agreement, YABLOKO would ready to take their representatives on the “party’s” part of the electoral list...

Sergei Mitrokhin called Muscovites to change the Moscow government

Press Release, March 2, 2013

YABLOKO leader Sergei Mitrokhin called the participants of the Social Manifestation to "change the authorities at the next elections to the Moscow City Duma," rather than ask the Mayor of Moscow team for some "handouts". "We offer the entire civil society to unite for the Moscow City Duma elections and agree to provide our party candidates list for this purpose, and we give half of the list for civil society activists," Mitrokhin said at a rally on Sakharov Square...

Mitrokhin also said that the policies of the Moscow authorities was "authoritarian and incompetent in many areas, but extremely self-confident and based on the most profound contempt for the Muscovites". "The Sobyanin’s team acts as if they came to some kindergarten rather than Moscow. They know what is better for us, and we should wait with our mouths open when they bring happiness to us," Mitrokhin said...

Half of YABLOKO’s candidates for the Moscow City Duma elections will be determined by Muscovites in primaries

Press Release, February 17, 2013

The Conference of the Moscow branch of YABLOKO adopted a Manifesto on compiling of a list candidates for the Moscow City Duma elections (which are to take place in 2014) from united democratic opposition. According to the Manifesto, half of the candidates in the party list will be given to civil activists and representatives from other political forces. Muscovites will determine the nominees in the primaries.

"Moscow has accumulated a critical mass of active people, they awoke from the “sleep’ during Putin's 2000s, and they want to act. They do realise that their children will not have any normal human prospects in this country without changing of the political situation in the country, that is why they want to go into politics. We give them such an opportunity," YABLOKO leader Sergei Mitrokhin stated at the Conference.

"A year ago we promised at the rallies that we would propose a definite political mechanism to address different problems. The adopted Manifesto is a direct and earnest answer to all the questions: what people who manifested at Bolotnaya Square and Sakharov Prospect and participated in other mass opposition rallies should do now," said Grigory Yavlinsky, YABLOKO founder and member of the Political Committee. "The time of general discussions is over. It's time to act," he stressed...

YABLOKO to call for nomination of candidates from a united democratic opposition for the Moscow City Duma elections

Press Release, February 14, 2013

On Sunday, February 17, the Conference of the Moscow branch of the YABLOKO party will adopt a Manifest on the creation of nomination of a joint list of candidates from united democratic opposition for the Moscow City Duma elections of 2014.
The Manifesto will appeal to civil society activists and representatives of political forces sharing democratic values to participate in the formation of a joint list of candidates. YABLOKO will provide to such joint candidates half of the number of places allotted to the YABLOKO party nominees, as well as half of places in single-mandate precincts.
The candidates will be nominated via primaries. YABLOKO proposes to hold primaries in all the 22 electoral territories...

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