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 YABLOKO files a lawsuit against the electoral commission members and the policeman who beat woman observer

Press Release

March 25, 2013

The YABLOKO party is filing a lawsuit against the electoral commission members and the policeman who beat woman observer in an attempt to snatch a falsified final protocol of the voting given to her.

The incident occurred late last night at polling station No 02-13 after the counting of votes in the mayoral election of Anapa. Alexandra Garkusha, aged 23, an observer from the YABLOKO party, together with representatives from other parties and candidates was given a falsified final protocol of the voting by the commission members. The document had no legal force and could not form a basis for filing a case in court.
Alexandra Garkusha drew the attention of the Commission to this fact and refused to sign for the receipt of such a protocol. After that, the commission members expressed their dissatisfaction in extremely disproportionate aggression and attacked Alexandra trying to snatch the protocol from her hands. According to the witnesses, Irina Tropina, Chair of the Electoral Commission, was the most aggressive attacker encouraging her subordinates to more violence.

Roman Pavlenko, a police officer on duty in the polling station, took an active part in the beatings. Oleg Stavitsky, an observer from the Communists of Russia (a spoiler party for the Communist Party) also joined the attackers. They together were twisting Alexandras arms pulling the protocol. They managed to do this damaging Alexandra's hand. The YABLOKO party disposes of a detailed video of the incident.

On learning about the beating representatives of the party went to the police with a statement about the crime. Police arrived to the polling station and began interrogation. After interrogation Alexandra was taken to the emergency station.

Alexandra Garkusha is a member of the YABLOKO party and chairs the party branch in the Timashevsky district.

Video. The attack and beatings


Video. Policemen do not let YABLOKO representitatives to polling station No 20-13 after beating Alexandra

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Press Release

March 25, 2013

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