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President Medvedev promised to study YABLOKOs programme Land-Housing-Roads

Press Release

August 30, 2011

YABLOKOs leader Sergei Mitrokhin handed to Dmitry Medvedev YABLOKOs anti-crisis programme Land-Housing-Roads and proposals on the reform of the electoral system during the meeting of party leaders with President of Russia in Sochi. Mitrokhin also handed to the President letters from the citizens from 12 Russian regions.

Giving to the President 190-pages volume of the programme Land-Housing-Roads Sergei Mitrokhin noted that the programme contains a kind of insurance from the coming crisis.

From the economic point of view, the programme is targeted at creation of conditions for unprecedented growth of domestic demand, Mitrokhin said. This envisages gratuitous and mass-scale transfer of [federal] lands to the citizens under their housing construction and development of infrastructure (water, gas and electricity supply), as well as construction of roads at the expense of the federal budget, i.e. the reserves accumulated for the recent years due to high oil and gas prices.

The effect from this programme can not be overestimated from both social and political aspects. A possibility to obtain a plot of land free of charge from the state, e.g. 50 hundred square meters of land and built 150 square meters of housing there for half of its cost, - this will constitute a real breakthrough from Russias economic stagnation, he added.

Mitrokhin also noted that, according to the estimates of party experts, implementation of such a programme will create at least 10 mln additional jobs and will ensure economic growth by at least 3.5 percentage points.

We can state that we have no other programme with the same economic effect in Russia at present, Mitrokhin concluded.

Speaking about the forthcoming parliamentary elections Sergei Mitrokhin demanded that a list of violations resulting in annulling of the results of voting at a polling state should be legislatively determined, also criminal persecutions of should be envisaged for electoral commissions members for such violations. According to Mitrokhin, such violations include ousting of observers from the polling state before or during counting of the votes, putting obstacles to observers visual control over counting of the votes, non-provision of protocols of voting after counting of the votes (before submitting these data to the commission of a higher rank) and discrepancy between the number of ballots of those who voted at home and the real number of ballots in the ballot boxes. Mitrokhin also noted that a right of a citizen to verify his vote in the voters list should be legally ensured.

The two latter proposals had a positive reaction from the President, he promised to study them carefully, Mitrokhin said.

As regards the reform of the electoral system YABLOKO proposed to bring back elections of governors, transfer to direct elections of Federation Council members by the citizens, reduce the barrier to the State Duma to five per cent, abolish the so-called locomotives in the election lists (Ed. Top figures in party lists who are normally famous in the country and ensure that their party gets in the Duma after which they refuse their ballots in favour of unknown party functionaries), abolish collection of signatures for registration in the election campaign, as well as form electoral commissions basing on party lists only.

In addition YABLOKOs leader handed to the President letters from citizens from 12 regions: Adygeya, Tyva, Udmurtia, and Moscow, Nizhni Novgorod, Tver, Kaluga, Rostov, Orenburg, Novosibirsk and Sakhalin regions, and the Krasnodar Area.

YABLOKOs leader also brought the attention of the President to the environmental problems of the Black Sea coast. Thus, the residents of Tuapse are concerned by construction and exploitation of bulk terminal for chemical ferterlisers and oil products. Sergei Mitrokhin also informed Dmitry Medvedev of the governments plans to begin large-scale extraction of sand for construction of Olympic objects at the sea shelf by Anapa and Tamansky peninsular. These works will inevitably lead to elimination of a unique childrens resort in Anapa and will ruin the eco systems in the North-West part of the Black Sea, Mitrokhin added.

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August 30, 2011

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