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Sergei Mitrokhin proposed to the Russian President to modernise the Russian parliament

Press Release

August 29, 2011

The meeting between the leaders of Russian registered political parties and President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev has just finished.

Chair of the YABLOKO party Sergei Mitrokhin was the last to take the floor during the meeting after parliamentary parties leaders, the Right Cause and the Patriots of Russia parties. Sergei Mitrokhin began his speech saying that the forthcoming elections represent an opportunity to implement Russian modernisation plans voiced by the President earlier. Political modernisation first of all means provision of equal possibilities for political competition. And this should take place during elections, Mitrokhin stressed. According to YABLOKOs leader, today the State Duma with dominance of one political party is the most powerful anti-modernisation factor. Mitrokhin also stated that this party represents the interests of bureaucracy and large business connected with the latter. As it is this party which controls the parliament, it can not protect the society from bureaucrats arbitrary rule and corruption. Therefore a corrupted system based on the laws adopted by bureaucracy and for the sake of bureaucracy via the State Duma has been built in the country, Mitrokhin said.

He also stressed that bureaucracy has created a lot of feed mangers for the oligarchs to get profits from disposal of federal, land and other resources, and bureaucrats get payoffs from the oligarchs.

Modernisation of the State Duma is a very important task, Mitrokhin said to the President. According to Mitrokhin, maximally free and fair elections, equal access of parties to press and television can solve this task of modernisation of the Russian parliament.

Mitrokhin also proposed to Dmitry Medvedev to allot to each of the parties ten minutes of prime time a day at the main television channels in the last two weeks of election campaign.

Mitrokhin also raised the issue of lack of equal conditions for parties participation in the elections. He said that a norm allowing to the citizens to see the voters lists should be introduced into the law. Mitrokhin also proposed to grade different violations subject to criminal liability that may involve election fraud.

The President has positively reacted on these two proposals and promised to carefully study them, Mitrokhin said. Commenting Mitrokhins words on the monopoly of one party in the State Duma Dmitry Medvedev said that excess monopoly is a bad thing, but it is also bad when the parliament is not consolidated like it was in 1990s.

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Press Release

August 29, 2011

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