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The company polluting the environment at the Black Sea coast will be held answerable for libel against environmentalists

Press Release

August 11, 2011

Environmental organisation North Caucasus Environmental Watch with YABLOKOs support is going to start a law suit against PR technologists employed by the Eurochim company (which has constructed and launched oil shipment terminal in the resort city of Tuapse despite loud public protests) and hold them answerable for libel.

On August 6, internet media the National News Agency published and article running that public organisaiton North Caucasus Environmental Watch was allegedly going to conduct a hostile takeover of the Tuapse bulk terminal belonging to the Eurochim company. The author of the article tells clear lies about environmentalists and also contains slanderous statements against Andrei Rudomakha, Coordinator of the North Caucasus Ecological Watch. The activists of the Ecological Watch issued a press release running that for 15 years of its functioning the North Caucasus Ecological Watch has never been meddled in any business takeovers or disputes, moreover ordered attacks some companies, the organisation have always been acting within its stated goals protection of environment and protection of citizens rights to a friendly environment.

Environmentalists do not doubt that the publication was made on an order from the Eurochim company, as despite of the fact that the National News Agency published the article as its own, the same article but signed by the Eurochim press service had been published at Logistic.Ru.

Right after its publication by the National News Agency the article was reproduced by a number of regional media in the regions located far from the North Caucasus or by web-sites of non-environmental specialization (e.g., a web-site on housing construction DearHome).

All this demonstrates that Eurochim has been conducting a consistent broad-scale PR campaign targeted at damaging the reputation of the North Caucasus Environmental Watch, ecologists said.

It should be also noted that on July 18 environmentalists got hold of a scandalous Plan of PR events for creation of broad public resounance in view of the first public consultations on the Tuapse bulk terminal and the Novorssiyisk mazut terminal. The PR company claimed that the best way to oppose environmentalists and public activists was spread of gossip, hysteria buying of well-known bloggers, placement of defamatory articles in mass media, sending letters, etc.

The administration of Krasnodar held "public consultations" that were called a farce by the protesters: a part of environmentalists were not allowed to take part in the event, also there was no response to environmentalists proposals and actions.

In addition to these measures, the PR specialists wanted to apply to the President of Russia so that to include the YABLOKO party and the North Caucasus Environmental Watch into the list of terror organisations, the activities of which are prohibited in Russia. After this YABLOKOs leader Sergei Mitrokhin applied to Public Prosecutor General asking him to determine the sources of financing of this defamation campaign against environmentalists and YABLOKO.

YABLOKO and environmentalists conducted mass-scale rallies in Tuapse in 2010 and 2011 protesting against the launch of the terminal in the resort city. A booklet Lets Save the City" was published. On the threashold of the State Council meeting activists passed to the President their request to abolish the plans of launch the terminal.


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Press Release

August 11, 2011

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