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Police is disgracing Russia

Sergei Mitrokhins blog at the Echo Moskvi web-site

August 10, 2011


A joint action by the Federation of Russian Automobile Owners and YABLOKO [against use of flashing lights at bureaucrats cars creating terrible traffic jams in Moscow] began as usual at 8 a.m. [this August]. First everything was calm, as according to the law one-person pickets do not require any permissions from the authorities.

Photo: Yuri Shein, member of the Regional Council of the Moscow YABLOKO


However, by the time my turn to stand in a picket had come, the policemen changed their minds deciding that these were not one-person pickets. So I witnessed the detention of Alexander Rogov, representative of the Federaiton.

Photo: Arrested YABLOKOs activist Yuri Medovar is at the background. He was really so far from Roganov... [Roganov held a placard "Servants of the People, Take Off the Flashing Lights from Your Cars!"]


So I took over the placard from Roganov and came to my picketing place.

However, a dialogue with a policeman did not end in my favour.

After standing for about 10 minutes with a placard I went to find out why the police had detained the people.


Photo: Valery Motorin (left), head of the Dorogomilovo police department who ordered to arrest the activists

I tried to the policemen back from Rogov. Policemens pushes are far from being pleasant.

However, my call on the policemen to take off their hands from me somehow worked. But they again switched onto Rogov.

I explained the police that what they were doing was arbitrary rule.

I: Stop protecting people with flashing lights on their cars, they will be in prison soon!
They: They will never be in prison, dont you even dream of that!

Photo: Karina Kanayeva, daughter of the Federation leader Sergei Kanayev, is at the background. She was also detained.


The police takes the detained to the police station and confiscates the placards.

I and Sergei Kanayev go to the police station to write a complaint on the arbitrariness of policeman Motorin and his team. And see below what Motorin thought about all this (the placard runs Russias Disgrace).

However, no one was going to detain him for this three-men (or three policemen) [unlawful] picketing.

All the photographs but for the last one were taken from RIDUS-NEWS.


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August 10, 2011

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