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Activist of the Youth YABLOKO arrested due to provocation when picketing in Moscow

Press Release

August 5, 2011

Gleb Sitnikov, activist of the Youth YABLOKO was arrested by police due to provocation from unidentified persons when picketing in Moscow against preferences on the Moscow roads given to bureaucrats cars when all the traffic is stopped to give way to the cars of the VIPs cars (the so-called anti-siren-lights campaign).

Gleb was standing with a large placard Away with Siren Lights! by Kutuzovsky prospect (one of the main Moscow prospects leading to the VIP villages near Moscow). The Federation of Russian Automobile Owners and YABLOKO has been conducting such an action for the second month already in rush hours.

A stranger approached Gleb at about 9 a.m. and expressed his desire to participate in the picket. YABLOKOs activist explained that as it is a one-person picket which can be conducted without any registrations or allowances, participation of a second person in the picket may lead to arrests. However, Gleb Sitnokov was ready to give his place to the man, but the latter suddenly began tearing the placard from Glebs hands.

It also turned out that the man did not come alone and his friends filmed everything and called the police. The police detained YABLOKOs activist, but let go the second participant of the picket.

In the police department the policemen took away Glebs mobile phone not allowing him to make a call. We still can not get in touch with Gleb, but we learned from the police that he is accused of violating the law participating in an unsanctioned picket.


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Press Release

August 5, 2011

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