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A chalk written slogan action This government should resign! was held in different Russian cities

Press Release
July 14, 2011

On July 13 activists of the Youth Yabloko in different Russian cities conducted a solidarity action with their young colleagues from Ekaterinburg and Moscow who had been detained for anti-government slogans done in chalk on the pavement. The trials are scheduled on July 27 in Ekaterinburg and July 15 in Moscow.

The action began in Ekaterinburg on June 30, when young YABLOKO activists wrote in chalk on the pavement "This government must go!" during the ruling United Russia party concert. Boris Gryzlov, Speaker of the State Duma speaker and United Russia Chair had to be present at the concert. Young YABLOKO activists Anastasya Zheltisheva and Eugeni Mezentsev wrote in chalk on the pavement "This government must go!" not far from the concert venue. They were detained by police for unauthorized advertising. The trial was postponed until July 27 due to controversies in the policemens testimonies.

Activists of the Chelyabinsk Youth Yabloko conducted an action by the ruling United Russias office. Young Yabloko activists wrote in chalk on the pavement in front of the ruling partys office slogans "This government must go," "Go away!" and "This government does not need us." In addition, activists wrote "Killer of Forests" by the gates of the office of the Chelyabinsk Region Government addressing it to Governor Mikhail Yurevich, who had been trying to cut down a relic forest in the Chelyabinsk city, paving the way through it to the elite cottages village (with the Governors country cottage).

The participants of the action also chanted their slogans. Passers-by expressed their support to Yabloko and stopped to read the slogans asking about the action.

In St.Petersburg young Yabloko activists also wrote in chalk the slogan "This government must go!" by the United Russia St.Petersburg office. Also, a popular among bloggers nick-name of the United Russia - "The party of thieves" - was written on the pavement. The police do not interfere with the action.

In Penza Youth Yabloko activists wrote their slogan in front of the City Administration and by the main office of United Russia in the city.

The police gave the most aggressive reaction in Moscow, where three activists (Kirill Goncharov, Gleb Sitnikov and Sophia Rusova) were detained for the same slogan written in chalk by United Russias Executive Committee office.

The police used violence during arrest, however, failed to explain why they were detaining the young people. Already in the police station they were charged with "violation of the established order of organising or holding a meeting, rally, demonstration, procession or picket".


Photo: Action in Penza


Photo: Action in Chalyabinsk


Photo: Action in Odintzovo, Moscow region


Photo: Action in Moscow


Photo: Action in Ulyanovsk


Photo: Action in St.Petersburg


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Young YABLOKOs activists arrested for writing on the pavement with chalk This government should resign! in front of the ruling party's office. Press Release, July 13, 2011

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Press Release
July 14, 2011

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