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Young YABLOKOs activists arrested for writing on the pavement with chalk This government should resign! in front of the ruling party's office

Press Release
July 13, 2011

Today police arrested activists of the Youth YABLOKO Kirill Gontcharov, Gleb Sitnikov and Sofia Rusova for writing This government should resign! in front of the United Russias party office in the center of Moscow.

Police used violence in detention of the activists, however, failed to give any grounds for such an arrest.

Photo: Kirill Gontcharov arrested by police

Photo: "This governmet should resign!"

In the police station the activists were accused of conducting an unsanctioned picket. Soon the police will get the activists to court.

Todays action by the United Russia office was conducted in solidarity with the activists of the Youth YABLOKO branch in the Sverdlovsk region Anastasya Zheltisheva and Eugeni Mezentsev - who stood before court today for writing the same slogan during a concert organised by United Russia in Ekaterinburg. The activists were detained on June 30 under a pretext of unsanctioned advertising. YABLOKO called these accusations absurd.

Ekaterinburg activists have already forwarded a complaint to Russias Ombudsman Vladimir Lukin.

Actions of solidarity are held today by United Russias offices in other cities: St.Petersburg, Penza, Chelyabinsk and Kostroma.


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Press Release
July 13, 2011

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