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Rally against launching of the Tuapse bulk terminal by Eurochem company gathered over two thousand people

Press Release
June 28, 2011

Residents of the Tuapse city once again protested against the shipments of chemical fertilizers through the city center by the residential housing

Based on the North Caucasus Environmental Watch reports

On June 26, a rally against launching of chemical shipments terminal in Tuapse owned by the Eurochem company was conducted in the centre of the city. The action was organised by the North Caucasus Environmental Watch on and YABLOKOs Green Russia faction. Despite the interaction from the administration of the Tuapse district and the Krasnodar Territory, the rally brought together over two thousand inhabitants of the city.

All the speakers at the rally - representatives of parties and public organisations and ordinary citizens - expressed a common position against the terminal in the city centre. The rally gathered together representatives from different political parties and public organisations: the YABLOKO party, the Patriots of Russia, the Communist and the Just Russia parties.

The rally demanded that the authorities should conduct a referendum on the launch of the terminal in Tuapse. This was the main issue of the resolution adopted at the rally.

Yury Golubev, Co-Chair of the South-Russian Public Environmental Network, who came specially to the rally from Azov told that in 2003 the residents of Azov had won over a company launching the same terminal in Azov. Mass-scale protests of the residents had helped to stop that dangerous project in Azov.
Andrei Rudomakha, Coordinator of the Environmental Watch, told how the activists managed to get an extremely important decision in respect of the terminal from Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, who instructed Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, Alexander Tkachev and Governor of the Krasnodar Territory Governor to hold additional public hearings on the terminal. Rudomakha expressed an opinion that public hearings should be conducted in the form of a protest rally so that all the interested Tuapse residents could also attend.

Other speakers at the rally were Irina Turcan, Chair of the Tuapse branch of the Patriots of Russia, Eugeny Vitishko, member of the Environmental Watch and Chair of the Tuapse district branch of YABLOKO, Vladimir Rakhno, Chair of the regional branch YABLOKO, Sergei Dubik, Chair of the Tuapse district branch of the Patriots of Russia party, Eugeniya Tretyakova, member of the Environmental Watch, and ordinary residents of Tuapse - Yury Lobanov, Felix Ganin, Natalia Zinco, Vladimir Chernovol and other.

The rally also raised the issue of environmental dangers of Rosnefts oil refinery which had been the main polluter of the city also representing a huge threat in terms of safety requirements.

In the beginning of the rally the police tried to prohibit to use a car a tribune, then several provocateurs (allegedly from the Eurochim company) tried to break the action, but failed. Deputy head of Tuapse district administration German Apitin also tried to interfere with his bans.

After the rally Krasnodar rock group The Mayan Calendar sang for the participants of the action.

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Press Release
June 28, 2011

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