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Young YABLOKO activists hang a banner Freedom to Political Prisoners! opposite of the Kremlin

Press Release
March 3, 2011

Young YABLOKO activists hang a large banner Freedom to Political Prisoners Gazaryan, Vitishko, Achilov and Shevchenko! (8 x 5 meters) opposite of the Kremlin.

The banner hang on the bridge by the Kremlin for about 15 minutes. Then the police took it off.

YABLOKOs activists Kirill Gontcharov, Vadim VAshenko, Andrei Lazarev and Andrei Nistratov were detained and taken to the local police department. Also the police detained a photographer from the oppositional Novaya Gazeta paper. The activists were released from the police three hours later and will be summoned to court soon.

The action was held in support of YABLOKOs activists and ecologists who had been inspecting the public territory fenced under the cottage of Alexander Tkachyov, Governor of the Krasnodar Area. They found out that the cottage was built unlawfully on the lands of the forestry fund of Russia. The activists were arrested and sentenced to 5 and 10 days of imprisonment.

The imprisoned activists announced a hunger strike protesting against the conditions in the prison (anti-sanitary dark cells, ban on the use of telephones and walks in the prison yard).


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Press Release
March 3, 2011

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