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Ecologist Andrei Rudomakha becomes laureate of The Best Civil Action contest

Press Release

December 8, 2010

Head of Ecological Watch in the Northern Caucasus and member of the YABLOKO party Andrei Rudomakha was chosen a winner of The Best Civil Action contest. The ecologist was awarded the prize by the jury for organisation of the public campaign for protection of the Utrish natural reserve. The contest was organised by the Law and Justice Foundation.

From December 2009 through to April 2010 four waves of public actions in protection of Utrish were conducted. The actions embraced over 70 cities in Russia and Ukraine. In Russia the actions were held from Kaliningrad in the West to Khabarovsk in the East, Murmansk in the North and Sochi and Vladikavkaz in the South.

The unique Utrish reserve is at risk. This is due to plans by the Administration of the RF President to build in the very heart of the reserve a new state residence (the project is entitled a "sports and recreation complex"). Implementation of this project will destroy the most valuable natural features of the reserve – the district of the Utrish relict lagoons. The public campaign addressed personally President Dmitry Medvedev calling him to preserve Utrish.

The activists sent three addresses to the President with about 20,000 signatures in favour of protection of the natural reserve. This public campaign became the largest environmental campaign in Russia for the past years.

During the recent action conducted on December 5, Andrei Rudomakha was detained by police. However, he was released thanks to the interference of human rights activists and came to Moscow to get the prize.

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