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Police detained YABLOKO's activists during an action in defence of the national park

Press Release

December 5, 2010

On December 5, an unsanctioned march against elimination by the authorities of the Utrish national park took place in Krasnodar. The General Affairs Department of Presidential Administration plans to build a recreation complex in the national park.

The police detained YABLOKOs activist Andrei Rudomakha, organizer of the march in defence of the Utrish national park and head of the Ecological Watch in the Northern Caucasus, and YABLOKOs activist Suren Gazaryan.

The activists were taken to the medical expertise first under the pretext that they were drunk. However, the expertise did not confirm this.

Despite of this both the activists had to spend a night in the police department.

Gazaryan is facing 15 days of arrest for non-obeying the lawful demands.

Rudomakha is accused of organizing an unsanctioned action. However, Rudomakha applied for a permission to conduct a rally and a march, but the bureaucrats decided not to give their permission for the rally as it could harm the architectural monuments at the square planned for the rally. However, the officials did not object against a march, and the organizers decided to reduce the action to a march only.

YABLOKOs leader Sergei Mitrokhin expressed his indignation with the arrest of the activists. He confirmed the intention of the party to conduct a rally and a march under environmental protection slogans in the centre of Krasnodar next Sunday, December 12. Mitrokhin will personally participate in the action.

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Press Release

December 5, 2010

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