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Mourning prohibited

Police stopped a memorial rally organised for paying tribute to the victims of Stalin’s reprisals in Krasnodar

November 1, 2010

Krasnodar police did not allow to conduct a rally in memory of the victims of political reprisals on October 30. Movement For Krasnodar informed kasparov.ru about this.

Citizens came to the memorial action with placards and flowers, however, the police stopped the rally.
Editor-in-Chief of one of the city media made an audio record of this. However, head of city administration department in charge of work with public associations and political parties Olga Ostorozhnaya took away his recorder and tried to delete the audio file. She refused to return the recorder.

Organiser of the action and member of the local branch of YABLOKO Sergei Surma is facing a law suit for attempted organisation of an unsanctioned rally.

The Krasnodar administration refused to give a permission to a rally under a pretext that the register of city of Krasnodar did not have the stated address of the action: Zhukov’s park.

However, the official web-site of the Administration mentions this park.

Memorial actions took place in many Russian cities on the Memorial Day of Victims of Political Reprisals.

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