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Violations at elections in the Chelyabinsk region. United Russia voters arrive by special coaches

Press Release
October 11, 2010

On a single election day October 10, YABLOKOs Press Service monitored violations during voting at the regions where YABLOKOs candidates stood for elections.

YABLOKO nominated a list of candidates for elections to the legislative assembly of the Chelyabinsk region. YABLOKOs candidate also runs for the legislative assembly of the Novosibirsk region. In nine more regions YABLOKO runs in municipal elections.

Violations at the elections in the Chelyabinsk region include the following:

- YABLOKOs observers registered mass-scale voting by absentee ballots. Early in the morning on Sunday 405 people voted with absentee ballots at polling station No 2029, and 300 people at polling station No 2030. All these voters arrived to these polling stations by special coaches (eight and ten coaches respectively). The voters with absentee ballots at polling station No 2029 tuned out to be workers of the pipe plant and were dressed in workers uniform and went to the voting booths by two or three.

- Also 571 people voted with absentee ballots at polling station No 2032. About 400 voters with absentee ballots arrived to polling station No 600 making a long queue to the voting booths.

- Heads of these stations, as well as representatives of the of the Electoral Commission No 632 told to YABLOKOs observers that they would not be allowed to observe counting of the votes and would not be given their copies of final protocols, also the observers were not allowed to freely move within the stations.

- At some polling stations voters photograph their bulletins. Also some of the voters are given special pocket calendars after the voting so that the voter could exchange this calendar into some remuneration. Thus, students could obtain theatre, cinema or other tickets for free.

- Polling station No 595 demonstrated carousel voting: a voter gets the bulletin and takes it out of the station to the street without voting where he exchanges his bulletin on another one with a correct mark and after this he returns to the polling station to vote with this faked bulletin. Unidentified persons were buying votes (RUR 500 per vote) by polling station No 612. An unknown person gave money to voters coming form polling station No 599 and 601. Observers working at polling station No 607 reported that voters were paid RUR 2.000 per an absentee ballot by an Ariant company. The observers called the police, however, the policeman did not take any measures after talking with the person distributing money.

- YABLOKOs observers also reported mass-scale voting at home. 96 people voted at home at polling station No 642. Representatives of polling station No 636 refused to give any information about voters voting at home.

- Voters reported to YABLOKO that teachers of school No 35 called parents of the pupils on the threashold of the voting day asking them to come to the polling station and threatening that their children would have trouble in the opposite case.


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Press Release
October 11, 2010