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The Youth branch of YABLOKO calls to introduce a visa-free regime between Russia and EU during its action by EU representation in Moscow

Press Release
April 5, 2010



A TV item by Vesti-Moscow

An action by the Youth branch of the YABLOKO party To Europe without Visas took place by EU representation in Moscow today, on the day on coming into force of the Visa Code of the EU.

Young YABLOKOs activists were holding flags of Russia and the European Union and were chanting slogans Russia is a part of Europe!, To Europe without visas! and No wasting time in queues by the consulate departments!

A visa-free entrance of the Russian citizens to Europe conditions Russias becoming an integral part of Europe, Maxim Kruglov, one of the leader of the Youth YABLOKO said. Young people would like to get education in Europe, to travel there and to see how Europeans live, he added.

YABLOKO’s leader Sergei Mitrokhin also came to the Embassy to support the young activists. Mitrokhin said that the initiative of elimination of visa barriers between Russia and EU belongs to YABLOKO. For the first time this idea was proposed by the Yabloko faction of the Russian parliament in 1995. “This idea was supported by Russia’s Foreign Ministry after a long period of our talks and negotiations with them,” Mitrokhin said. YABLOKO's leader also raised the issue of a visa-free regime the congress and meetings of the ELDR party (of which YABLOKO is a fully-fledged member), as well as the meetings of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe Group (ALDE), the third largest group of the European Parliament.

This idea was supported by Russias Foreign Ministry after a long period of our talks and negotiations with them [that it is necessary], he added.

Sergei Mitrokhin also said that the visa regime represented the last rudiment of the iron curtain.

The action ended by handing a letter by Sergei Mitrokhin to Ambassador Fernando M. Valenzuela.

We, Russian advocates of the European way of living and thinking, consider abolishing of visas a logical and necessary consequence of development of relations between Russia and EU, runs the letter.

According to Mitrokhin, the first step in this way could be introduction of a visa-free regime for the residents of the Kaliningrad Region in their trips to the EU countries.

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Press Release
April 5, 2010