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European liberals to discuss a visa-free regime between Russia and the EU

Press Release
March 11, 2010


YABLOKOТs leader Sergei Mitrokhin is going to get support to YABLOKOТs initiative on introduction of a visa-free regime between Russia and the EU from European liberals during the annual meeting of ELDR Council which will take place in Rome on March 12-13.

On the threashold of the meeting Russian Vedomosti newspaper published an article by Finnish Foreign Minister Mr.Alexander Stubb where he stated the adherence of Finland to the agreement between the RF and the EU on facilitation of the visa regime which came into force in summer 2007, as well as called the Russian authorities Уto concretize and accelerateФ the work in this direction. УFinland would welcome a visa-free regime between the EU and Russia and will spare no effort for hitting this goal,Ф Mr. Stubb stated. УI hope that Russian leaders will have enough insistence and political will so that to facilitate the necessary reforms,Ф he wrote.

Sergei Mitrokhin discussed the problem of introduction of the visa-free regime at the meeting with Ambassador of the Republic of Finland to the Russian Federation Matti Anttonen on February 17.

The idea of abolishing visas between Russia and the EU was proposed by the YABLOKO faction of the Russian parliament as early as in 1995. In early February 2010 at the meeting of the ALDE group, the third largest group of the European Parliament, Sergei Mitrokhin also raised this issue.

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Press Release
March 11, 2010