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The leader of Sverdlovsk branch of YABLOKO wins the libel case initiated by Yekaterinburg Mayor

Press Release,
April 2, 2010

Today, on April 2, Yekaterinburg district court turned down the libel claim motioned by the city Mayor Arkady Chernetsky against deputy of the city Duma and leader of the local branch of YABLOKO Maxim Petlin. The court charged the Mayor RUR 20,000 (about USD 700) for compensation of the legal costs incurred by Maxim Petlin.

Chernetsky started a legal case against Petlin after the latter said in the TV programme that Chernetsky had sold half of kindergartens buildings. The Mayor called this phrase a libel and motioned a libel case against Petlin. The second defender in the court was Rossiya television channel which had broadcasted Petlins interview and showed an item on alienation of large number of kindergartens in favour of Chernetskys family members.

My victory in court is an illustration that Yekaterinburg problems should not be ignored, Petlin said. He also expressed his gratitude to Judge Galina Pronyayeva for her firm position and will. From now on every resident of our city can make his/her own judgment whether Mr.Chernetsky has honour and dignity, he added.

Sverdlovsk YABLOKO proposed how to solve the problem of deficit of places in kindergartens. These initiatives were discussed in the city Administration and local parliament, but were not taken into account.

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Press Release,
April 2, 2010