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Ekaterinburgs Mayor suits the leader of the regional YABLOKO branch

Press Release,
January 27, 2010

Ekaterinburgs Mayor Arkady Chernetsky set in motion a lawsuit against deputy of the city Duma and leader of the regional YABLOKO branch Maxim Petlin.

The Mayor began a defamation case stating that Maxim Petlin had libeled against him at TV programme Vesti. The Mayor assessed his moral damage at RUR 600,000 (approximately USD 20,000) which makes 30 per cent of his official annual income amounting to RUR 1,700,000.

Once Chernetsky sold out half of all the kindergartens buildings in Ekaterinburg, Petlin said at the Vesti programme. The Mayor considered this statement be a libel.

However, explaining this situation Chernetsky told to the anchor of the Studio 41 TV programme that he had sold only three kindergartens. Other had been transferred to different companies and entities free of charge.

I dont think that Mr.Chernetsky can be regarded as injured [by my statement] or that it caused him any sufferings. On the opposite hundreds of thousands of Ekaterinburg residents really suffer: both morally and materially, when due to the great deficit of places for their children in the kindergartens they have to pay astronomical bribes and fees, Petlin commented.

Preliminary meeting of the court will take place in Leninsky District Court on February 1.

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Press Release,
January 27, 2010