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YABLOKOs rally for protection of the Lake Baikal conducted in Ulan-Ude

Press Release
March 27, 2010

On March 27, a mass rally in protection of the Lake Baikal took place in Ulan-Ude, Buryatia. The rally was organised by YABLOKOs branch in Buryatia and ecological organisations. About 500 people came to the rally.

The participants of the rally demanded to abrogate the Resolution of the Government of the RF No 1 on launching the Baikal Pulp Plant. The rally called the authorities to develop tourism in the area which would create new jobs for the citizens of Baikalsk, rather than creating jobs at environmentally unfriendly enterprise.

Olga Tzepilova, member of YABLOKOs Bureau and one of the leaders of YABLOKOs the Green Russia faction read out the resolution in protection of Baikal adopted at the Barcelona congress of the European green parties.

Natalya Tumureyeva, Chair of the organisational committee of the rally and YABLOKO member, told that musical groups of the republic, writers and poets also came to the rally.

The organisers of the rally constructed a kind of a Wailing Wall, where the participants of the rally could write down their complaints.


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Press Release
March 27, 2010