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Sergei Mitrokhin spoke at the rally for protection of Baikal

Press Release
February 13, 2010

About 700 people participated despite sever frosts in the rally for protection of Baikal in Irkutsk. Members of ecological organisations, members and supporters of YABLOKO, residents of Irkutsk and Baikalsk and CPRF members spoke against resuming of functioning of the Baikal Pulp Plant.

The rally organised by the ecological organisation The Baikal Wave and the Baikal movement was held under the slogans УTo close the Baikal Pulp Plant!Ф, УTo provide alternative jobs to the residents of Baikalsk!Ф and УStop budget financing of oligarch Deripaska!Ф

However, an hour earlier three parties Ц progovernmental United Russia, Just Russia and LDPR by Zhirinovsky Ц conducted an alternative rally in support of launching of the pulp plant. This rally was held under the slogan УTo stop the Baikal Pulp Plan means to destroy Baikal!Ф

УIT is clear why United Russia has organised such a rally, as it is a party of oligarchs and bureaucrats. LDPR and Just Russia announce themselves in opposition, however only in the issues of secondary importance. In the important issues they block together with the United Russia,Ф Sergei Mitrokhin noted in his speech.

YABLOKOТs activists from Buryatia despite the obstacles by the police came to the rally for protection of Baikal. УWe started from Ulan-Ude at 6 a.m. and by the time we reached Irkutsk we were fined seven times, for example, for the first care kit. Each time the police checked all the passports and wrote down our names. Consequently, we came to the place then half of the rally was over,Ф said Natalya Tumureyeva from the Green faction of the regional party branch.

An armoured troop carrier with armed special police forces stationed by the place where the rally was held.

After the rally Sergei Mitrokhin participated in the round table devoted to the problems of the Lake Baikal.

More photographs:

"Protect Baikal and save Baikalsk"

Sergei Mitrokhin


"Deripaska - out (Deripaska stinks)!"



"Deripaska, don't stink at Baikal!"


The "alternative" rally organised by the United Russia (below):


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The authorities chose to support of oligarchsТ interests and reprisals against public organisations rather than protection of the Lake Baikal. Statement of the Bureau of the YABLOKO party, February 1, 2010

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Press Release
February 13, 2010