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Stalins portraits will split the nation on the Victory Day

An open address to the President of the RF and Pobeda organisational committee

March 24, 2010

Respected Dmitry Anatolyevich,

On behalf of the YABLOKO party I am supporting the decision of the Pobeda (Victory) organisational committee [of the May 9 festivities] on inadmissibility of using the Victory Day for Stalinist propaganda.

However, there are still doubts that placards picturing Joseph Stalin, the executioner of the Russian nation and other nations of the Soviet Union, will not emerge in Moscow streets.

The Moscow government is free to initiate such social advertising.

And the fair Victory Day will split the nation as of the attitude to Joseph Stalin rather than become a national unity day. We should not allow that.

The story with hanging Stalins portraits is indicative of corruption. Those involved in the criminal case filed against the head of the Moscow Committee on Advertising obviously try to hide behind this scandal.

However, in contrast to the opinion of the Moscow authorities, far from many war veterans are Stalins admirers.

My grandfather, a veteran of war, would have considered such placards a personal insult.

I am calling you, Dmitry Anatolyevich, to publicly condemn the initiative of the Moscow authorities. Your clearly worded position on this issue will put and end to this story without administrative interference into the competence of the Moscow Mayor.

Sergei Mitorkhin,
Chairman of the YABLOKO party

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An open address to the President of the RF and Pobeda organisational committee

March 24, 2010